White Clover Jelly

White Clover Jelly

I hate to say it but I am that neighbor that hasn’t mowed their yard yet even though it needs it! The rain came and boy does it look bad. Well now I am glad I didn’t get around to it yet. I ended up finding out that I could make White Clover Jelly. Ironically just over the weekend I noticed we had a decent chunk and thought I should pick them for medicinal purposes. I ended up picking them for jelly instead. So let me share the recipe and then I will chat with you after! 




White Clover Jelly


2-4 cups of White Clover Flowers

4 cups of water

1 package powdered pectin 

2 Tablespoons lemon Juice 

4 cups of sugar 


To make: 

1) pick the white clover flowers. Remove the stems from the flowers. 


2) Place flowers in a container that can with stand heat and cover. Add 4 cups of boiling water to the flowers. Let this sit for 24 hours. 


3) Strain Flowers from the liquid and add the liquid to a pot on the stove. Add lemon juice. 


4) Bring mixture to a boil 


5) Add in Powdered Pectin and bring to a boil for one minute. Stir continuously. 


6) Add 4 cups of sugar, stir to dissolve and boil for 1 to 2 minutes 


7) Ladle your jelly into the canning jars. Clean the rims and then place the lids and bands on finger tight. 


8) Water bath can the jelly for 10 minutes. 


9) Remove jars and place on the counter. Leave for 24 hours!!! 




Ok let’s get back to chatting. So one of the biggest benefits of my delayed mowing is definitely how much I have been able to harvest from the garden. I have never made this before but I am literally in the middle of the clover steeping process. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to work on finishing off making this recipe. So I can’t say that I know how this one tastes but I do look forward to seeing how it turns out. This year we are definitely going to stock up on the jelly and jams but this one definitely got me excited to try out!!! 


What I am realizing is that I need to make one last stroll in the yard before I get to mowing! I didn’t see this possibility coming but was thankful that I found such a fun way to use White Clovers. Who knew that you could do so much from your yard?!?! 

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