Welcome To A New Adventure!

Welcome To A New Adventure!

Y’all have no clue how excited I am to start this series with y’all!!!! Oh my goodness I can’t wait to share all the recipes with you over the next few months. So my warning now, I don’t plan to make those long “this changed my life” type introductory speeches. Its one of the things I personally do not like to read but for this post we are going to do a quick chat moment before we get to the recipe. So this is my warning, if you wish to skip my momentary speech, please skip to the recipe now. Haha


Ok so like I said, I don’t plan to give big speeches about the recipes in the beginning. Im a person that wants to get straight to the needed info and fast. So that’s how I am treating this too. We need the juicy details not my life story, those are for the other blog posts!!! If you want to get the family life details, head to the “Ramblings” tab and you’ll find that there. But these recipes are going to be recipes we are actually using or have used in the past. There are so many to share so we may have weeks where we post multiple recipes! I made a separate blog post about all of these details called “What is happening?!?!?!” so check that out if you would like more information.


Before we get too deep into this too let me add that not all of the recipes are FDA approved. We are very much a safe canning family most of the time but Im not gonna lie, we are exploring into recipes that may not be fully “safe.” In the sense that I am not going to do risky canning items but I am also not going to only “follow the rules” when it comes to canning. I would say a good 90% of the recipes are safe sources that I have picked them up from. But this year I am really curious on new ideas of how to preserve our food! 


Some of these recipes will also not be for only canning. We will most likely have recipes of what we use our fresh produce for when making dinners. So a “go pick the garden and make dinner with what you have” style meal and we will end up sharing what we made! Its absolutely my favorite to share with you all the meals that Jeremy and I make on the homestead and a lot of you seem to love the looks of the food. Now its time we share the recipes too so you all can join in on how we make them! 


Through this all, remember to have fun!!!! Just enjoy the time to can or prepare food! There may be moments in the canning process where you are done and tired but then when you see all you canned, it really makes it worth it! Enjoy this entire time! 


Now let’s get on with these blog posts!!!! See you soon! 

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