Strawberry Syrup

Strawberry Syrup

Today we are unpacking a recipe that may be a little backwards of using the fruit but we have many ways to use the rest of the fruit. This recipe is using the part that we typically discard! So in my brain, Im thinking, let’s talk about the discard first so you don’t loose out on such a wonderful product. You really can use the entirety of a Strawberry and Im not going to lie, I myself am just learning this too! If you’re like me, I truly want to find all of the ways to use the entire product if possible!!! To which, when we get to other produce, I will try my best to give you ideas on how to use all of the items if you can! We are going to start with the recipe and then we will get to ways to use said recipe! 


Strawberry Syrup 


4 cups Strawberry Tops

3 cups Sugar 

3 cups Water


Place Strawberry tops, sugar and water into a large pot and stir. Bring to a boil and let it boil for 12 minutes. 


While this mixture is cooking, prepare your water bath canner! Fill with water and start getting it to a rolling boil so you can can this mixture! 


Strain the mixture and pour the liquid into sterilized half pint jars. Wipe the rim of the jars clean and then place lids on finger tight. (Basically do not become hulk and tighten the lid. Just a standard tightening.) 


Once all jars have been filled with a 1/2 inch headspace, place them int your water bath canner (once the canner is boiling) and can for 10 minutes. Once the time is up, remove the jars from the canner and allow your jars to sit on your counter for 4 hours before removing the rings. 




Now what can we use this recipe for???? If you got kids and are a 90’s baby then you may like the first idea…. Strawberry Milk!!! No dye is added into the mix but the natural flavor is going to be amazing!!! If you’re like me though, I love matcha green tea! So I am making this so I can have some strawberry matcha green tea lattes. I did a blueberry syrup last year and loved it with the lattes but this year, we are doing strawberries!!! 


Also you can add it to your ice cream as a topping! If you make any sort of alcoholic beverage or maybe a virgin mixed drink, you can use this syrup to add some flavor to it! Basically if you add a syrup that you purchase from the store, you can replace this with those! 


We have so many options of how to use the rest of the strawberry and Im going to get to that next! I will share with you all the recipe I use for jam in about 2 blogs from now but the next one is an idea that I am trying out for the first time this year. I look forward to this and know that the family and myself will enjoy it year round!!! 

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