Shhhh…. I’m gonna need to hit the snooze for a few more minutes. This sleepiness has been strong and I’m not gonna lie, I have found myself falling asleep at random times. Thankfully I have been in positions where it was ok if I fell asleep but still its been a little crazy on how easy it is to fall asleep.


I hate to say it but this is normal. It is almost like my Cyclical Vomiting needs to reset by making me sleep. Essentially, no vomiting, just lots of nausea and exhaustion. So my body isn’t exhausted from physically fighting off an episode but almost like its fighting to stay healthy and happy. Then I become exhausted during those times of being healthy and all I want to do is sleep. It’s getting so bad that I have actually reached out to a cyclical vomiting support group to check in and see what others are doing to combat this feeling. Sadly it doesn’t look like there is much we can do.


Every day I do take the time to do things that will help my body heal but once I have gotten those tasks done and what little house work is needed, I am done. My body just is so drained that I end up trying to relax. To which it is a struggle because at times I feel like I should be up  and moving like crazy but at the same time I need to rest and relax. Its a massive mental and physical battle. I genuinely get this guilty feeling that I haven’t done what needs to be done around the house and that’s when I don’t rest. But if I don’t rest, my body shows it and tries for an episode.


This is something that I deal with about 3-4 times a year for extended amounts of time. It is never the same but you kind of get an idea on how it will go but the hard part is knowing what’s going on when it starts. Usually it comes in after a time when I just spent a lot of time working hard and then I think I am just tired from working so much. But then one day turns into two and two gets to three and so on. By the third day, that is usually when I realize it is not in fact just feeling sleepy. It is actually something else. To which at this point, I am already starting to figure out how I may be able to get around it some. 


To get around the exhaustion, the best route is to accomplish what needs done right away in the morning. The most significant items need to be done first and then we go from there on the rest of the to do list. That is added on with all that I do to assist my health. So in reality it may not be much that I can get done. Sometimes It is just a load of laundry. Somedays its cleaning the floors. Ya know? Whatever needs my attention, it needs it to be first and everything else that’s not as important can wait.


An example of how exhausted I am: It has taken me 2 hours to sit here and type this out. My body is that drained. I am dragging that much. But now I am done,  mainly because my body and brain say it’s done time. And as you can see, we are going to listen to it! 

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