Who Kicked Who's Butt?

Who Kicked Who's Butt?

Seriously someone needed to keep a tally on who won that fight because it got a little grey at some points. I didn’t start out strong but in the middle, I totally did amazing but the end of the fight, I was knocked out!!! So I guess that means I lost but at the same time Im feeling pretty good. Ok so now let’s actually explain what I am talking about. Surgery definitely went not how I was expecting but we managed to make it out a little bruised up. 


It started Friday morning, at home. I woke up earlier than I needed. My whole plan was to sleep in as long as possible so I didn’t hype myself up before the surgery and cause any medical struggles. Well that instantly was a problem when I woke up early. But not only was it early but I also woke up not feeling good. The medical team said I could drink water until 7:30 am. To which I had hoped would help a little but sadly it didn’t. I couldn’t take any medication and that was the start of the downfall. While at home I fought for multiple hours just trying to keep myself from the episode. Shoot I was already going to the hospital, I wasn’t trying to add in that I needed to stop a Cyclical Vomiting episode too. 


We manage to get to the hospital and I sat in the waiting room for a whole minute. Haha. Immediately I went back to the pre-op room and started the process for checking in. The nurses and I managed to crack jokes through out the time and truly I enjoyed the set up with it all! The anesthesiologist came in and I voiced that I feel nauseated today and he ordered nausea meds immediately. Then he also was a sweetheart and agreed that I wouldn’t have any meds to help with the anesthesia until I was in the operating room and on the table. I explained that I was nervous it could make me “car sick” on top of already not feeling well. He completely understood and agreed that would be the best choice. 


My doctor arrived then and he basically explained the post op instructions, knowing in post op that I would not be clear headed. The best part is he said “you’ve been struggling with this for the last 8 years, let’s get this under control!”  Then he turned and started to pray for the entire room. I was floored! Umm… yes please say a prayer over this entire group that’s about to join the party! Thank you for doing this! It was such a comfort! 


Shortly after I was wheeled into the hallway and as we were heading down to the operating room, the nurse said “You have been dealing with this for 8 years?! Why have you waited to take care of this?” I said “well Im not gonna lie, I too just found out that I have been dealing with this for 8 years.” We lost it! Both of us just busted up laughing because no one but the doctor knew this bit of information. I said to the nurse “Honestly, I didn’t know because all of the symptoms are the same was my cyclical vomiting syndrome. But now Im curious how much that will change once the gallbladder is gone.” We enter the operating room, crack some more jokes, got myself onto the table and that’s when the anesthesiologist came back in the room. They warned me that I was getting the sleepy meds and literally a few seconds later I felt them and said “goodnight everyone” and was out. 


I came to in the first post-op room where I remember seeing the nurse trying to wake me up and immediately I said I was going to vomit. She went into action and thankfully I was able to use the bag to vomit. The poor lady had to reapply all of my monitors because she had to give me more nausea meds. I ended up falling asleep again and woke up to a different room and seeing Jeremy’s face beside me. Once again I immediately said “Im going tot throw up.” Once again I did just that. They gave me crackers and said “Im sorry hun, but you’re maxed out on nausea meds.” At this moment I knew I needed to get out of the hospital to recover. So I said to Jeremy “I need to go home and sleep.” Insert, protective husband mode. This man knew instantly what this meant. He knew that my body was saying I could recover and fight the episode if I got home in my personal space. Jeremy told the nurse and she immediately agreed that we could do so! So we got dressed, packed up and headed home. 


I woke up again when we parked in the drive way. I got into my bed and fell asleep right away. I woke up a few hours later and once again felt like I was about to vomit. Jeremy was right there and grabbed the trash can for me. Thankfully nothing happened but I felt horrible. Laying back down I was out solid again for a few hours. I woke up and finally felt decent. No more nausea and I felt just drained. I managed to stay awake and talk to my kids and mom for a little and then I was asleep again. 


Saturday I woke up early in the morning and finally I felt better. The entire day I spent resting and eating minimal amounts of bland food. I couldn’t handle much but I did what I could to get some food in my system. 


Ever since Saturday I have been taking it easy and chilling in bed a decent chunk of the day. The doctor said no core work and his big examples: no laundry, dishes, or vacuuming. So obviously we all know that means, no stay at home mom type chores. My kids have been helping me with these tasks but not gonna lie, I may have them continue with some of the tasks they are doing. These chores are doing pretty good with them and mom could take some more help around the house. I get up and move and do try to tidy up but that is about it. On Tuesday we went to the chiropractor and I was adjusted with some tools not actually cracked. The chiropractor and I had a game plan going in to this visit and goodness, I didn’t know how much I would need it! They helped fix my shoulder and wrist! I will take less pain! 


It is now Friday, a week and a day since surgery! I feel amazing. The surgery spot is a little tender and I keep making sure to take care of it and have been using Jeremy for help when getting up and down. But that has now been not needed as much. I definitely could use help in the evenings when I am tired and he always shows up before I know I need the help. I am still struggling with nausea but its at a minimal level. We go back in about a week and a half for a standard follow up appointment. I look forward to this appointment as it should be the one to say “all clear” to slowly get back to my normal life. Now he wants me to take it slow and I truly will but being able to actually do a little more, yeah, I am excited for that! 


Surgery day we not a good day. I continue to try and keep a positive outlook but to be blunt and honest, it wasn’t good. The staff and my group was fantastic. 10/10 I would love to have that group all the time for my medical needs. But my body just didn’t want to handle the surgery without throwing myself into a full blown episode. We made it out and now we are recovering. 

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