What is happening?!?!?!?!

What is happening?!?!?!?!

What is this?!?!?! What is happening right now? How are we having multiple blogs in one week???? Well y’all, I thought we would try something different. At least once a week, maybe more, we shall see, we are going to have recipe sharing time!!! It is canning season soon and now is the time to get our butts in gear on finding all of the recipes. 


Now some of these I have not tried but I am sharing as I am planning to try these out myself. My plan is to try and share recipes that you can use during that season. So example, Strawberry season has just started for NC. So I plan to start with a few different strawberry recipes. I have 3 so far in mind. But as the seasons change, for example, blueberry season or blackberry season, I plan to share recipes for those too. 


This will go on for all of the things I can think of. I know we don’t plant absolutely everything that everyone plants so we won’t cover all the fruits and veggies. But we will be covering as much as we are growing. Some may be canning recipes and some may be just what we use for meals. Who knows, there’s a chance of baking too! High chance of sourdough!  


The plan is to just intermix with our standard Tuesday blogs but we will just plan for these on a different day. Depending on how many recipes I plant to share, we may have a few release during the week so you can enjoy during the season as well!!! Some recipes are self explanatory on how to use the item, for example pasta sauce, but we may also add recipes that will also have a list of things you can use the item for! So we will provide recipes but some will also have suggestions too. 


Our thought process on this is so that you all have the chance to also enjoy the foods we try but then you may also be able to find them easier. So this is your advance warning!!! We are about to start this series as Strawberry season is right around the corner!!!!


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