Weekend Morning Thoughts

There are days that I wake up and I just feel the pain pulsating through my body. I just had that aching feeling in my body wanting to just tell me to stay in bed. It’s so easy to think yes I’m going to take an extra day of rest. But I knew in my heart that I need to just get up and I can be able to push through a little bit. I’m not talking pushing through all the extreme pain when you’re at the level of no turning back. I’m talking the level of pain where you are aching and you just wanna cry a little bit of being tired of feeling this way. It is the kind of day that you know the moment you placed your feet down on the ground that you got to push through and keep fighting but you know the day is going to turn out 10 times better. That was my morning this morning. I felt the ache in my body because of everything I’ve done the day before. I felt the ache in my body because I have been pushing myself to get so many things done. I felt all the ache but told myself you need to get up and you can do it you’ll be fine. So I got up, I put my feet on the floor and I took one step after the other. I took my time in the bathroom getting myself put together enough to go out and feed the animals. Put on that camo sweater coat that my dad once wore. That’s a little extra comfort a little extra warmth and I went outside, strapped on the steel toe boots and I went to work. I was pleasantly surprised to see a free turkey out roaming and all her glory but also all of her fear. She could see where she wanted to be, with all of her friends but she couldn’t get there. After a few attempts of trying to catch her of simply opening the door I realized it was time to take a different step. I walked over to her and slowly started walking away from the pen into an area where I could surely catch her. I grabbed a hold of her tail feathers and sadly I forgot about the whole part that she could fly. That’s when the wings started to flap and I just started calling out and praying Lord just keep my face safe. I just could envision her breaking my nose. Finally I was able too grab ahold of her wing and slowly take it back to her body before she could do any damage and could put her back into the pen. That hassle of the day was done. I moved on to feeding everybody and giving everybody water and taking the time to just truly enjoy every single animal that we have to offer. We have been blessed with so many different rabbits, chickens, and other animals and I just took in the vast glory of everything that the Lord has provided for us. I made my way to the last stop which is our goats. We have three girls that are pregnant and due in February. Their bellies are round and beautifully tightened and they are beautiful. But on my way into feeding those beautiful beautiful goats I was met with an angry turkey. This turkey is not ours, we are housing it for a friend. But this turkey met with such force and such attitude he started charging. It was easy to take and yell at him and tell him knock it off because I’m not trying to take and hurt anybody else’s turkey. I am also not trying to walk away wrecked because of a turkey. So I yelled and waved my arms and I used a trash can lid to protect myself. But then the turkey distracted me long enough that I accidentally freed our goats. We thankfully have a second space before they can actually get out into the free. But a moment of panic came over me realizing that these beautiful creatures that I absolutely love were possibly going to break through the second gate. I hadn’t latched it properly and I knew very well it wouldn’t take much for them to get out. So the panic set in and immediately I started praying “ Lord please get these goats back in.” I was thankful when they heard the sound of food ready for them and they just came rushing back in but one was still a little mischievous. Whiskey, the mischievous, one is probably our best goat but she was hungry and she knew she wanted her food. So with that being in my mind I threw my bucket of feed on the ground to distract all the rest of the goats and I proceeded to go after the one. I left the four to find the one. We went over and I found our bucket we thankfully have a second scoop and that’s when I grabbed it for one scoop for whiskey. Excited about the food she came running to mom and I was slowly able to lead her back into the pen. Thankfully the crisis of the loose goats was finally resolved. In all it might have been a two minute endeavor but it felt like hours because I was panicked about the safety of these beautiful creatures that I love. Everybody was back in their houses safe and sound and I was able to take a rest after this all. I walked away proud of myself that I was able to get up, push those aching feet because I was able to tend to my loving animals and show them love back. While that turkey may not have gotten my love, that turkey still got my appreciation. As these moments that I know at times are so hard to pick up and actually push on with the days. It’s these kind of days when I push on and I actually feel the gratitude of everything surrounding me that I truly adore. Not always is this the case, I know some days I may push too far and on those days I know when it’s time to lay back down and rest. But today is that day where I push through all the aches and the pains and I was able to see the glory of the Lord. This is the life that we have been given by the Lord and I cannot thank him enough for everything that he has provided in this life that I did not ever dream about but I truly am thankful. This is a life that is now my dream life but I now dream about what else can we do. From here we will continue to dream, we will continue to steward the land, we will continue to try and do what we feel the Lord is calling us to do. But sometimes you need those achy feet in the morning to just remind you how truly blessed you are.
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