Update For Our Family!

Update For Our Family!

As I say it all the time, this blog is literally done with the intent that our families get the chance to read what we are up to and to keep up to date with our lives. It is the best way at the current moment for our families to get a detailed understanding and I absolutely love being able to write weekly. So this week we are going to do an update kinda post for the family! All are welcome to read but family this ones for you! 


Recently we have been slowing down on the homestead front and we have been a tad bit busy on the business front. Jeremy has been trucking away working with different clients to make websites for them. I highly recommend reaching out to him to see which websites he has made but you can also check out my candle one. He has been non-stop working and giving so much to his business. I, on the other hand, have sadly not put as much hours into the candle business as I would prefer. Lots of giving time to others and not remembering to keep some reserved for myself. But I continue to push and try to build the business. Here’s to praying that next year I will refocus more and be able to put the business first a tad bit more. 


Homeschooling has been a bit of a challenge as we transitioned into two kids being homeschooled instead of just one. We have a 5th grader and kindergarten student among us this year. The hardest part is realizing that they do not learn the same way. We have also found that Bentley may be a lefty so this moms brain is working a little extra on trying to remember this. Sometimes we have to make him write left handed in order for him to actually understand how to write with his right hand. We are accommodating to his lefty ways but its strange that he almost needs to write with his left hand and then right hand to mentally actually understand what you are asking him. Sky has been working really hard on her reading skills and she’s getting the confidence slowly. She still has some days that are struggles but hey, that’s fine with me! Over all they are both doing really well and we have taken a more relaxed approach to start the year with the intent to work harder after the Holidays. 


The homestead hasn’t changed too much. We had a pretty decent harvest from the garden but at the current moment, we only have one garden bed needing to be cleared. Then we will work on covering the beds and having them ready for Spring garden season. We have put the goats together in hopes to have baby goats around March this year. We haven’t really done anything when it comes to project wise outside as its been a little busy with work. The hope is that we can get back to projects in the new year. We will have to come up with a new project list for y’all to see then. But at the current moment we are going to keep it easy on the homestead front and get back into it a little more in the next few months. 


Mandy’s health has been a big back and forth. I had a pretty big episode in August that lasted a solid week with about 2 weeks to recover. I managed to get back up and feel like myself again for a while but have had one or two times where I haven’t felt well. For the last, I would say about 2 weeks, I have been struggling with fatigue. And before you say it, no we aren’t that busy, chronic illness is just roaring its ugly head in a way where if nausea can’t get to me then fatigue will. No matter how much sleep I get, how much resting, how much I try to take care of my body, it doesn’t change. I have come close to a few episodes starting recently and am thankful to say they did not actually happen. We are continuing to find ways to boost my health and use more holistic approaches to keeping my health on track. It has been a bit of a bear still though. 


I believe this was a pretty decent overview and recap of the last few months. I know if y’all have questions you can call or we will see you all at Christmas! We are really excited to be with you all and to be able to visit! We love y’all and miss y’all! Stay warm up there in PA. Its getting chipper down here! 

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