This Chronic is not Iconic

This Chronic is not Iconic

Over the last year I have been speaking about my struggle with a chronic illness called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. A brief recap is that I can get sick from anything at any time but not always can I stop throwing up and will need to receive help from the hospital. My personal triggers for Cyclical Vomiting is heat, emotions (too excited or stressed mainly), drinking alcohol, and exhaustion. There are a few more triggers but they are not the worst of them all. But at any point these triggers can cause me to start vomiting and thankfully I have been able to keep myself out of the hospital. But it truly is not an easy task to do that. It takes lots of medication and herbal routes to curve the nausea and vomiting. 


In March my husband and I started to notice that my episodes were getting to be very unpredictable. It got to a point where it wasn’t just my standard triggers causing issues. It was honestly basically everything under the sun. We finally started to have suspicion that my Hormonal Birth Control may have been actually causing the episodes to be more frequent. So I took the first steps and went to an OBGYN appointment and asked to have surgery and get my tubes tied. Now lots of people may think why in the world would you go to the extreme when you think its just one cause, the birth control. Well as I also like to say, I am allergic to pregnancy. Both of my kids pregnancies were not safe in any way. If you haven’t seen, my last pregnancy was to twins but sadly at 10 weeks along I miscarried one of the twins. The other made it to 35 weeks where cyclical vomiting then proceeded to cause preeclampsia. So now you’re thinking “ok why not try some other form of birth control?” Sadly with many birth control options it causes pain to your body. A standard pain that is something that I surely can handle but the issue is sometimes my body can’t handle the pain. Meaning pain can trigger the cyclical vomiting. So in those eyes, why not try to go the route of one session of pain and done with being concerned about pregnancy. Here is where we got to surgery. 


The surgery was scheduled for the beginning of April this year. I went off of the birth control and went into surgery. Surgery went pretty well but they found my c-section had a lot of scar tissue. Thankfully I had a wonderful surgeon that knew how to get around it. I was able to get the surgery we planned from the start. Recovery was the hard part but honestly was still not as bad as I really thought. I went in with the worst possible outcome thought process and was so blessed to have the best outcome possible. With recovery I have actually been listening to the doctors with my restrictions. While it is surely a hard thing to do seeing as we are on a homestead and I absolutely want to be contributing, it is for the best right now. 


Thankfully I have noticed that I have had minimal nausea since going off birth control and since the surgery. I had maybe 2 times of the smallest nausea moments. So small, medicine wasn’t even need and that speaks volumes. A whole month and a half so far with only two small moments. Before surgery I was getting sick about 3 times a week with nausea alone. Vomiting was spread out a little bit more but still the level of nausea was out of control compared to where I was in 2019. 


Now the thing I need to work on most is getting my energy back. Having to be a little more relaxed has gotten me a little too comfortable with being lazier than my normal self. Now, yes it is ok to have some time to relax but in all honesty I am very much ok with chilling out all day. Thats not going to help me much. haha. So I am going to get back the energy and also I need to get back to eating a little better than I have since the energy is gone. Two simple things but I know they will improve my health even more. 


Update: This was written a little bit ago and just now being uploaded for everyone to see. I have since added one major episode to the mix and that was purely because I tried to treat myself to a movie way too late at night. Turns out I have been doing a really great job at taking care of myself that now those treats are no longer treats. They actually can make me sick. This episode took four days to get out of but it was still one of the nicer ones. I was able to still push myself at a proper pace and continue on with the day. Ill keep y'all update especially when we get closer to the holidays and my works busiest season!

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