The Projects Never End!

The Projects Never End!

We can all understand what I mean when I say the project list never ends. While I am writing this we are currently on our way home from a trip to PA to visit our families. So let me set the stage a little before I explain all the projects we have going on. Currently I am 19 days away from surgery day and for some reason with this I am feeling the need to get the house ready before I am down for a while. Im talking pregnancy nesting times 10. Y’all it is ridiculous how many projects I am trying to get done before this surgery but I am semi determined to do this! So let’s get into this and I will tell you some of the projects we have that I want to accomplish before surgery! 


The start of these projects will be to get us unpacked and cleaned up from the trip. The camper needs to be unpacked and everything needs to be put away before anything else can happen. After that, we have two mattress’s that we are trying to sell so we will be moving those into our camper to get out of the way until we can get them sold. 


We recently changed our bed frame so I plan to use our old bed frame and make it into a couch. My hope is that our dogs will not be able to destroy the frame of it so much and that we can just change the cushions instead. This is typically the only piece of furniture that they eat but still its one spot that they destroy all the time. Couches go to our house to die. Like there is no nice way to put that. RIP couches. 


So many candle supplies are still all over the house, so a simple one but we need to clean those up and clean them out! Now this will be an easier project but the other thing is we have an entire shelving unit in our closet that I want to take down and move out of the house. Once this space is cleared then the next project can start! 


Ok this is one that even my husband doesn’t know about but I am dead set on doing this. Haha. I am going to use the space that the candle business was in, in our closet, and change it to a desk. I plan to add a standing level shelf move all of my desk items onto it. I may add more shelves above to use for storage as I have lots of random binders of hobbies. Like calligraphy, herbalism, journals and so on. But then if I get those made I can then get rid of the desk in my room and the random rolling cart I have in the room. Let me add the desk I currently have will most likely go to my son as he has been asking for a desk for a little while now. We are the family of repurposing items. Haha. 


Stocking up the pantry is going to be something that is easy to accomplish but I would like to get this taken care of before surgery because I have the need to make sure my family is set while I am down. So stocking the pantry with mixes (like brownie, pancake, seasoning, etc) will also give my kids some options for snacks while I take the time to heal. This will also just be something that is one less item on Jeremys plate for while I recover. If I can get all the groceries and pantry settled before surgery, he can focus on work and the kids while I just chill out. 


I have a secret project that I also want to accomplish but I won’t spell it out on here. This one is a secret for my husband and that is all I plan to say about that one. I really want to surprise him on this simple change up but I think it being a surprise will really make him smile!


This one is a must and like needs done today as we are driving home. Haha I absolutely need to clear out the fireplace. We have a nice fireplace in our room and during the summer it is where I pile everything that I want to donate or whatever I need to look at. Its basically the catch all place in our room and now it have to actually work on getting it cleared out. I want those nice fires! So it may not seem like a lot but at the same time I have got to get my butt in gear and clear it out. I know one of the things is that I need to get the donation pile into my car. I already know that I will pull the typical woman move and let it sit in there for a while but at the same time, maybe I will feel the urge to go drop it off before the surgery day. Either way, it at least needs to get into the car and from there we will be praying it gets to the donation center sooner rather than later. 


The great deep clean. Anybody else? Like does anybody else have that feeling that they absolutely need to deep clean their house before such a time? I am completely convinced I need to do a lot of cleaning before I go. To which, I already do clean but I am talking all the cleaning you don’t do every week. That level of cleaning needs done on the house before surgery. 


Lastly, Christmas shopping! I am almost done! Thankfully I am down to just a few more gifts and then I will be done. But I think I will pair that with the need to pick up some supplies for the household projects! I do also need to get some baking done for the gifts too. That may wait until next week so those gifts can be given right before Christmas! 


So much to get done before surgery day and honestly none of this, except the Christmas gifts, need to be done before surgery. But to be completely honest my mind is panicking that I need to get this all done for my family. Almost like a gotta set my family up for success but at the same time, I gotta get this done so I can feel restful after. It is the strange things us women see but this is definitely my current project list. We have an even bigger one for the homestead and I will have to update you all on that soon! 

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