The Hurricane Results

The Hurricane Results

Disclaimer: This was written during the time of the hurricane.


Hurricane Ian


Friday: We were officially taken down to a tropical storm cyclone instead of a Hurricane. 


Starting off Friday we were able to say that it was a very nice and calm start to the storm. We had light rain through out the entire day. It honestly was like a nice little rain storm. This continued until about 2 pm. At this time we noticed the rain and wind were picking up. Mainly the wind was starting to get more intense than we had hoped. 


At dinner time we were all around the table and we just so happened to be looking out the back window when we watched our tree fall completely over. This was a massive tree and it fell by the roots and all. But the biggest part is where it fell. This was a God moment because just this past weekend we took the time to move a chicken coop that was right beside the tree. If the coop was still there then we would have had chickens and peacocks running free and the coop a mess. The tree ended up completely missing all of the structures that were around it, missed the little bridge we have across our stream, isn’t blocking the stream and thankfully missed any animals that were close! A massive praise during this time. 


Saturday: We were originally suppose to get a lot more rain during the day but it thankfully did no happen. We ended up with just a few sprinkles of rain during the entire day. 


Sunday: Once again the weather ended up being very nice. We took the time to cut up the tree that had fallen. There are now a few piles all around our yard for further break down. We have the leafy tops, small/ready to burn wood and the to be chopped wood. The goal is to get the wood chopped in the next few weeks and put up on the side of the house for winer use. We are fortunate to have a fireplace in our home and we plan to use that for heat and then electric as back up this winter for how ever long we can go with wood. 


Overall it was a pretty intense looking storm in our back yard but I think we faired amazingly. My nerves were ridiculous through out the entire time but we made it through. We continue to pray for those in Florida that have the worst of the storm!

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