The family is off exploring!

The family is off exploring!

A few weeks back, Jeremy took the kids and headed to PA to visit his family. During this time I was at the homestead taking care of the animals and the plants. So much went on that I figured y’all needed to hear about it! Let’s dive in on what craziness happened. 


Shortly before the trip to PA, Jeremy had been working on up potting plants and putting them all in the greenhouse. He also had the dinning room table covered in trays of seeds, two folding tables covered and all of our freezers covered in trays of seeds. He put in a lot of work to make this season planting dreams come true. But the downside was that Monday night looked to be a rough night in the greenhouse. It was to drop down to 28 degrees and we were nervous that all of the plants wouldn’t make it. Now here is where it gets crazy. 


Monday night I started at about 6 pm, with transferring all of the plants from the greenhouse into our house. Earlier in the day I ran to Lowes and picked up a shelving unit to help hold some of the plants. I thought one would be plenty enough but I was surely mistaken. So after 2 hours and 350 plants later, we had the shelving unit, our fire plants mantel and our kitchen island covered in plants. This wasn’t too bad but the walking way crazy endless and by the end of this task, I was done and ready for bed! 


Tuesday, I woke up and went into the greenhouse to find that by the time I got out there it was already in the 40’s at this point! To which made me excited because I could start the 2 hour process again and take those plants back out into the greenhouse. I did just that. So like I said 2 hours later, I finished and was thankful to be done with that task. But the plant time didn’t stop there. I managed to take a few hours out of the day and I up potted some tomato plants for Jeremy and also took those outside to the greenhouse! Once those were all finished, I took the time to come inside and work on the house. 


Other than the great plant run, Monday was a day full of appointments and errands. Then home to get a some baked goods made for the freezer. I had mixed up some sourdough discard monster cookies in the morning and I had those in the freezer on a tray. So once I was home I could actually pack those up and put them away properly. Then I did some laundry, dishes, made dinner and took care of the dogs. 


Tuesday after spending basically all day outside, I think I managed to get back into the house around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I ended up making dinner, baking some mini cupcakes and put those in the freezer, vacuumed the floors, cleaned up the house, put my sons laundry away, put all of my laundry away and finally in the evening I managed to relax some. 


Wednesday was spent rest/ relaxing somewhat. I say somewhat because resting and relaxing to me is sitting around or laying around but the somewhat is because I took that time to work. I managed to look into some things for my health, looked up some local farmers for A2/A2 milk, worked on social media posts so y’all can keep up with what we are doing aside from here, and really just lots of research and doing this post! I call it office work because it’s the time when I spend it on the computer but this covers social media posting, blogging, anything with researching, making plans, and so on. It was kind of crazy that I started this all around 11 am and next thing I know it is 4 pm and I didn’t even notice how fast the day had went by. I truly enjoyed being able to research so much! 


Thursday was spent getting the last few tasks done before Jeremy came home. To start I had a follow up appointment with my endocrinologist and absolutely loved the time talking with this doctor.  Then I drove home and got to the standard cleaning up on the house, dishes, putting laundry away and packing for my trip. I managed to take a little bit of time to relax but that was a minimal amount. To which, I can’t complain when a lot of Wednesday I had the chance to sit around for working. I know a lot of people would have suggested that I took more time to myself to do nothing but I honestly felt so refreshed by simply sitting in my house doing the “office work” instead of cramming that time in when my kids are at karate. So yes, I could have been a little lazier but I truly enjoyed my time being productive while resting. (A week later and Im finishing this blog the same way I started this blog) 


Friday was spent driving to PA and thankfully a relaxing evening just being with family. Saturday was when we took the time to go to different Amish establishments and I managed to pick up some bulk supplies and tools that we could use come canning season. The bulk supplies, I ended up vacuum sealing them into mason jars for later use. They will be used over the next year but instead of them not staying nice in their packaging, the vacuum seal offers a better storage and longer shelf life. The tools we managed to find was a small cookie scoop, reusable silicone cupcake holders, a tomato processor (one that separates the juice from the peel and seeds) and its not for canning but I picked up some much needed thread!!! All the items we could really use for the homestead! Sunday was spent driving home to NC and then we unpacked, went for groceries, went to the book store and came home to relax! 


It was a really jam packed week but I have to say even though I walked away exhausted and ready for bed, I truly enjoyed my time. I really hope to not have to transport so many plants again but at the same time, it was needed and I didn’t mind. Just during was a bit of a struggle. Now this week we are off to are shenanigans and I think thats where we will pick up in our next blog!!!! Stay tuned for the next one! 

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