The End of an Era

The End of an Era

For the past almost 9 years, I have spent my time working a business that I absolutely love. I have truly enjoyed being able to be my own boss, make my own hours and making sales. Making candles has been such a passion and a place that I used to have something that was just for myself. I was raised that we busted our backs to work and provide for our family. I still believe this and I truly am not looking forward to this aspect being gone but it is what is needed. So after almost 9 years owning, operating and making candles, I am officially closing the business by the end of this year. 


I have been struggling with this thought process for a while now and each time I typically end the thinking with some sort of panic. But recently I have been praying about this decision and have reached a level of peace that I know is my sign to let the business go. Part of the struggle I have always had with closing the store is the fact that I feel like I am losing a business I know my father loved dearly. But there is a moment where I sit back and realize that I felt the same way with our move and I know that my father would not want me to hold back in life just because I felt like I am losing something about him. In reality I have already lost him but that doesn’t mean Ive lost him because I have decided to continue on with my life. I think he would be downright proud that I have come to this conclusion. I think he would have seen what has been going on with my life lately and been proud that the decision was made! So when it clicked that I am not going to loose him any more, I knew I had a peace about this that I did not realize. 


The biggest reason though is my health. I hate to say but after 31 days of being sick, it kind of put things into perspective. The first thing to be dropped when I am sick is always work. I don’t usually think about what all needs my attention until I am healthy and then the family has been taken care of. This past time I came out of the episode with vengeance and kicked butt getting so much done for the candle business but I am realizing that I could have used that energy and time for other things. But the biggest part with my health is that I am realizing it is time to take my health to the next level. Meaning we plan to. Get back into making more of our food homemade. To which obviously takes a lot of time and energy. 


L&R Aromas, previously Bakers Treasures, just has been getting the back burner for a while and now I am to the point of realizing it is best if we let this adventure go. I look forward to being able to take my time back and working on the homestead more. I also look forward to actually having a down season where we aren’t running 100% of the time. It’s time to get back the fun, the homemade and get back to myself.  The candle business has been such a joy to own and run but this next chapter in life is going to be such an adventure! 

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