Taking the Step... New Camper Edition

Taking the Step... New Camper Edition

What a week that we have had! Well its been about 2 weeks in all reality. We genuinely did not plan for this all to happen just yet but we are thankful for this. We officially are going to upgrade our camper!!! Traveling with 5 dogs, 2 kids and multiple small animals in our camper was something we didn’t mind. But we knew that it was a much needed upgrade. By the grace of God and loving family it worked out sooner than we planned. But that’s not what I want to talk to you all about. Let’s get back to the start of us ever needing and having a camper, now that is a story to tell! 


It started back in 2020 when we decided that we should make the move to NC. We listed our house at the beginning of February and figured it may take a little bit of time until we actually had an offer in so maybe by the end of March we would move down. But as everyone knows 2020 was a bit of a crazy year for everyone, especially the housing market. We had put our house online and within 3 days we had multiple offers. We picked a new owner and away it went with the packing and moving items south to storage units. 


The month of February went by and then so did part of March. We had this plan that we were going to buy a house instantly. But the hardest part happened a short two weeks before our move. We found out that the house was not ready to be put on the market yet. This house was a beautiful 1900 house that was mainly one floor living and so much potential with updates. We had been eyeing this up for months as it was on the market and then taken back off the market. It was the perfect house but timing wasn’t adding up just right. With two weeks until moving day (we didn’t know it at that time) we realized we had to figure out a new plan. 


New plan: Move everything, drive to NC and purchase a camper there. But as the time got closer we yet again started to have more issues with Covid. Instead of our original closing date we had to move up our closing date by a week. Thankfully so though as Covid was closing everything down the day we moved, a Friday. The Monday before we had realized that it was time to go to a different plan again. 


This time we had some family reach out and said they knew of a family that was thinking of selling their camper and we should reach out to them. Enter in Gods plan here. The Fishel family heard about our situation and were very gracious to let us take a camper multiple states away without paying until our house was officially sold. This amazing family took a leap of faith and walked with God on this as we did the same for the move. It gives me chills still to this day to think that a family took such a big risk to giving someone a camper without any security that they will have no issues. This simple act of faith truly set the tone for our entire move. 


We had to use faith to get ourselves through many missed housing potentials but I think they simple camper act is where we realized it was time to remember God is in control. Fast forward to today! Two years later and many fun trips with the camper, we felt the need to upgrade our camper. The camper that was blessed to us though, we were fortunate enough to also bless it back to another family with some dreams in mind. Another wonderful family will use the camper to live in it full time. This one camper has turned into multiple blessings for multiple families and we can’t wait to see it continue to bless others. 


Now for our family, we have officially upgraded to a 5th wheel camper and it was delivered today to our house. We are now working on getting ready for our next trip but thankfully have lots of time until that trip. We look forward to being able to sit together in the living room and being able to have movie nights. Simple things but we are so excited to be able to fit a little more comfortably with everyone in the camper. 

A new adventure awaits us and this is just the beginning. I need to take a moment and say thank you to all the families that have been involved in this process. It is truly my favorite story to tell everyone on how we have been so blessed with our move. 

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