As some of you may know, I, Mandy, have my own small business. It's one where I still make trips back to PA sometimes for work. I truly love being able to still connect with customers and business owners from where I grew up. Last week happened to be my week to travel to PA to restock all the stores. Finally I have been able to pick up some jars and get to work!

While I was away, I figured as long as Jeremy kept up with the dishes thats all I really wished for. The kids laundry was freshly washed, house cleaned, animals food stocked up for two days (would at least get him a little break), and just in general everything set ready for him. I like to make sure that Jeremy just has to keep up with the mess he makes. It also just helps me when I come home and get back into the swing of things. Jeremy is such a project oriented person that household chores are not his go to thing. Which honestly is what I love to do so we truly balance each other out.

I had figured that while I was gone that Jeremy would just stick to taking care of the kids, work, and homestead chores. But in true Jeremy fashion he was project oriented and couldn't keep a secret. He enlisted the help of our kids and put together a shelving unit for our seed starters. Then he surprised me and made an incubator shelving case, canning jar shelving unit, and put a shelf across our kitchen window. I had said about wanting to put a shelf across the kitchen window a few weeks earlier because I started to run out of space on my counter for all of the plants that I have been collecting. Let me be real though, my family doesn't help with that addiction. Also my neighbor across the street doesn't either. We can talk non stop about succulents. haha. Anyway, he couldn't keep that a secret and ended up sending a photo because he was just so proud and honestly so was I! Jeremy does have a good idea for designs but sometimes he tries to rush the project just to finish. He took his time and he put so much love into this shelf. It's truly my favorite spot now in my kitchen.

He also was able to make a new canning jar shelf. I have been doing a big no-no in the food industry and using my floor to put my jars. I had no space to put any canned items in so I had to use the pantry floor so that it would be blocked off from all pets. I had seen on social media that a lady had almost like a canning bookcase with cubbies. I really liked her thinking but instead of the cubbies we just went straight with the shelving like a book shelf. But the part I love the most is that Jeremy noticed this lady had the cool addition of chalk board paint on the front lip of her shelf. This way she could easily write down what item was where on her shelf. I loved this idea especially when it comes down to jams and salsa time! I need to know the type of jam and how many peppers are in the salsa!!! Then obviously if you want to rearrange then you can simply wash it off and write down the new canned item! So simple but its going to be a big game changer.

I may have come home to a sink of dishes but I think Jeremy gets a pass on that one this round! I mean he built a few things his wife has asked for and actually made it exactly how I pictured without my knowledge. I'd say he's a keeper!

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