Sometimes it takes faith...

Sometimes it takes faith...

Sometimes it takes faith to get through the “small things” and sometimes we have to share about those faith moments. Recently we have really been having moments where we have been able to share with our kids the works of God is every day moments. But two weeks ago we showed them in a way that we weren’t really hoping for. So let’s take a moment to share the story of our God moments that happened all within one day. 


It started at the beginning of the month when our entire family made a trip to Rodanthe NC to enjoy some time in the Outer Banks. I, Mandy, had been hoping for some time on my own on a trip to rest and restore. The hope was that I could help my body with healing by taking time to just do whatever I felt like I needed and not having anything expected of myself. So basically I needed to have the feeling of being free to do whatever without responsibilities. To which as a mother and a business owner, that is a very difficult thing to have happen but my body was calling for it. For one week we had planned that I would be at the beach by myself with my trusty pitbull, Rukus. So on the road we went. 


While driving I started to experience some issues with my car. At first it felt like I was just hitting a pot whole or bump in the road. It happened twice before I called Jeremy, whom was pulling the camper in front of me with the truck, to let him know something might be going on. We actually had a spurt of road that felt a little rumbly but I figured that was more so the road and not so much my car. We pulled over to fill up on gas before heading back out on the road. Once on the road for maybe 2 minutes, my check engine light came on and the panic ensued. Quickly I called Jeremy to tell him of the issues and by the blessings of God, Jeremy goes “ I see an Advance Auto. Pull in there, I will come back around for you. Have them read your card awhile.” The Lord literally put an Advance Auto in our path. 


Once we stopped, I was met with an amazing employee that was willing to help me check what was going on with my car. The gentleman was so calm and understanding during the whole time and he openly admitted that we was not knowledgable in the code that my car read. Thankfully Jeremy was able to come and figure out the possible issue, to which was an ignition coil. With knowledge of what part we needed, we headed back out and drove for another hour until we reached another Advanced Auto store where we could pick up the part that we needed to replace. Literally a quick 5 minute fix and the car was ready to finish our trip. To which at this point was only 45 minutes. 


We arrived to the beach where we settled in the camper, picked up the few groceries that we needed, ate dinner and then Jeremy and the kids headed home. They took my car so they could get the best gas mileage for their drive. It got to be about 11:30 at night when I just couldn’t hang anymore and needed to go to sleep instead of checking in on how the drive was going for Jeremy. The kids also clocked out in the car while Jeremy was driving. Then at around 1:30 in the morning, I got a phone call from Jeremy informing me that he got into a wreck. Hello panic, my family is hours away and I can’t help. 



While driving down the highway, Jeremy got into a fender bender with another car. But the parts that we sit back and say “wow, The Lord was really watching out for them” is when you look at the injuries, the helpers and how we got past the totaled car. The kids were asleep during the entire thing so they thankfully and none of their air bags deployed during the wreck. But sadly the same can not be said for Jeremy, he thankfully though only sustained minor injuries. He walked away with some brush burns and bruising on his arms from the steering wheel air bag. The next big blessing was that Jeremy called a dear friend, Dylan, and prayed that he was awake to help him get himself and the kids home. By the grace of God, Dylan was awake and able to help out! He took Jeremy and the kids home and let me also add that Jeremy was literally about 5 minutes away from our house. So Dylan drove like 35 minutes to help get Jeremy to our house that was only 5 minutes away and then drove 35 minutes back to his house. Jeremy and the kids dealt with some amazing police and state troopers through this whole process as well. 


The following days we were waiting for insurance to check out our car to hear what they would rule on the car. Sadly after talking to the insurance company they gave a heads up that it most likely was going to be ruled as totaled. Sadly a few days later they did indeed rule the car totaled. This is when the next blessing came into place. Jeremy worked with the car company that we dealt with just last year when buying the car Jeremy just totaled. They fully understood the situation but the added bonus was Jeremy needed something right away because by the next weekend he and the kids were coming back to the beach for our family vacation. He test drove a few different options and thankfully God put in our lap the perfect vehicle that we needed. Jeremy was able to purchase the car and take it home that same day. 


During the time of not having a car, Jeremys boss, Kris, was also another blessing that he leant a work truck to Jeremy incase he needed to get anywhere. To which was such a blessing because Jeremy actually used the time to fix up my dads truck incase he needed to use this instead to get to the beach trip. So instead of truly being stuck at home, he was able to use the work truck as needed to get the much needed truck parts. Another small blessing was that Jeremy did get the truck up and running again! Oh how I have missed my dads truck. 


Overall something that truly kinda happened at one of the worst times possible, we were able to see all the blessings that The Lord had placed in our lives. We can now sit back and see what all The Lord had put into place to show that he is always with us. He was truly with our family through the entire wreck and week after and we are so thankful for everyone that played a part in helping us get through this crazy time.

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