Short but Sweet!

Short but Sweet!

It may be a new week but its the same us. Haha! We spent all day Saturday busting our butts getting projects around the homestead finished. Jeremy really plugged a lot of his time in with the garden and I took on a lot of the other random homestead projects. He did some other projects too, like helping me scoop out all of the rabbit poop and then he worked on his trucks break pads. But we also moved some pallets, finished the duck fence, caught the ducks, put a trellis in the garden for our pepper plants and started a bonfire. For the bonfire we had a lot of little wood scraps that would honestly not be able to be used in any future projects but obviously we just had to keep them. Finally it was the time to let them go and we were able to start a massive bonfire to get rid of yard waste and wood! 


Sunday and fathers day was spent celebrating Jeremy. We made sure he grabbed some cigars to enjoy during the day. Then headed out for some seafood for a mid day meal. Then we headed home where we started a few trays of seeds for the garden, he had a cigar and then we started another bonfire to enjoy some s’mores around the fire!!! A nice day but definitely a bit busy. 


Now its Monday and I am writing this blog today because I know by the end of the week we will be a tad bit busy again. So to keep you family updated, this is me giving a small update as we will have a bigger blog post next week. This week we will spend the next few days working inside as we have storms coming almost every day this week. So once we get past this week I will update you with a proper update and actually hopefully have more to say! 


A simple update family but sometimes that’s all we need. 

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