Rollin in that Dough

Rollin in that Dough

We have really taken a swap recently on who gets to play with the sourdough. It usually is Jeremys job to work with the dough and make a loaf for the family but recently Mandy has taken that over a little more. Jeremy will assist with whatever Mandy is making but it is definitely a Mandy thought process on what is made. So with this post, I thought, why don’t we talk about what we have tried so far and yet again, let’s plan out some other recipes to try. 


Now before we start, let me get this off my chest… Pinterest is my best friend and it is where I find about 90% of my recipes. Ok maybe 95%… Any who, so for when I list all of these items that I have made with Sourdough, I will have to link the recipes but also don’t forget to just look at Pinterest too. There are so many different recipes and what I am about to list is just the ones I have tried or the ones I currently want to try. There will be way more recipes to try in the future but for the time being, this is my current “TBL” To Bake List. (I may have chuckled at myself) 


To start, we have been keeping it very chill on the craziness of what we have tried so far. It hasn’t been a heavy dose of just loaves of bread. We like to have sliced bread with breakfast lots of mornings. It is my go to to have some toasted sourdough, avocado, and fried egg. Put that all together, add some cottage cheese and hot sauce and I’m in heaven. So lots of regular loaf bread happening here because we eat so much of it. But lets get started with our list of Sourdough items we have made. This will include active starter and discard!!! Let me buffer now! All links will show which sourdough option you need! 


Have Made Sourdough: 



*Let me add that we tried this recipe with all purpose flour and I prefer that over bread flour! 




Cinnamon Rolls:


Chocolate Chip Cookies:


English Muffins: 


Sourdough S’mores Cookie:


Sourdough Monster Cookies:


Sourdough Discard Crackers:


Sourdough Granola:


Sourdough Cinnamon Bread:



Actually looking back at this list, I am a little amazed with how much I have already tried. Especially since a good portion of these items were within the last few months. So it really has been a crazy few months trying out so many new items and I have loved it dearly. We also have used the cookie batters and mixed them up to put them into the freezer for a rainy day when we need a quick snack or dessert. Now let’s get to our want to make list!!! 


To Make with Sourdough: 




Cheesecake Brownies:


Coffee Cake:


Discard Pasta:


Discard Puff Pastry:




Sourdough Sun Dried Tomato Bagels with Italian Herbs:


Chocolate Bread:


Maple Pecan Cinnamon Sourdough:


Ciabatta Rolls:


This is just a small list. Sadly I could probably cover many pages with links of what looks amazing to make. But seeing as I somehow look at these lists as competition to make it all really fast, I decided I should probably stop where I am at. This is a decent list to start but no need to make so much at once. Also the schedule doesn’t allow for me to get into a crazy baking spree. So let’s leave it where it is and we will have to update later!! Maybe even start a new “To Make with Sourdough” list! 


I have to say that its the start of sourdough that really made me nervous but being in it and having tried a few different things, I am really loving the sourdough life. We will most likely keep up with photos being posted on our social media to share what all we have tried. But we will be back to update with a blog post once I try some new ones. 


Now off I go to work, but I’m going to say, I may have started my sourdough start and am patiently waiting for this evening to mix a batch of bread. Going to make a standard loaf and then the chocolate bread. Hahaha. Told ya I have a struggle with not making everything once I list it out! Have a good one y’all. 


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