Project List Update!!!

Project List Update!!!

Y’all, Im not sure if I should be proud or a little alarmed that I made these project blog posts thinking that in a few weeks I would update you all and share what all we have accomplished. Well not even a week later and we have an update from both the project blogs. So let me update y’all on what was accomplished within about 4 days. 


Ok so lets start with explaining what our tasks were that we wanted to accomplish before I say what we did manage to do! We said the following in our previous blog for outdoor projects: “I still want to finish the last bit of leafs, chop some wood, clean up the rabbit poop, clean up the chicken coops and another bonfire. That is just a list of items that I personally know I can do on my own.” For the indoor projects, I had stated that we have reusable paper towels and reusable sponges that we were trying to make. 


Well it took 4 days to clean up as much of the leaf mess as I can before I pull out the leaf blower. To which, that’s a goal for next week. But this also ended up that we spent 2 days having bonfires to burn the yard waste. As we went along, I found some down limbs and added those into the mix. We have done a few rounds of chopping wood but my goodness that one we won’t be done with anytime soon. The rabbit poop was cleaned up and put into the compost bin. Then we also cleaned up the chicken coops and added shavings to those. But we also have a chicken brooder shed that we cleaned up as we have some meat and egg laying chickens delivered this week. So their space was needing to be cleaned up and put into order! 


Indoors I managed to make all of the paper towels and just finished cutting all of the sponges. Now I need to actually get everything assembled and start pinning them so the sewing process can start. I also made a big batch of vanilla extract but can make a second batch, I just need to go pick up some more alcohol to make it. Jeremy requested to have some covers for his kombucha made so I got the measurements for that planned out and just need to take a moment to cut them out! I also had to do some test runs on sizing but we found the perfect size for beeswax wraps for individual items. For example, I make lots of whoopie pies and would really like to use beeswax wraps to cover them instead of plastic wrap. So we now have the measurements for those and just need to make them. Oh! How did I almost forget, I also made my very own bread bag!!! That one, I was really excited about. All of the sewing is done but now I just need some string to close the bag. I may in the future try to put a zipper on it but for the time being I like the draw string idea! Small projects that are easily accomplished have been what I have needed to get done and thankfully will be done with a lot of them soon. 


Now the updated to do list: Cut individual item beeswax fabric, cut/sew more bread bags, finish sponges, leaf blow the yard, borrow my neighbors wood splitter to get the wood finished. Our next few weekends we will be booked solid so these tasks will be worked on during the week and in the evenings. But I have a bad feeling I will have an update for you all sooner than I think I should. I’ve been really enjoying getting all of these projects done around the house. It is just really nice to be able to accomplish projects on my own without help.  Especially for someone that struggles with their health. To feel like I am contributing to the family, it feels so nice!!! 

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