Plant Those Seeds

This fall is going to be a fun trial run for the garden. We have never had the thought of planting a fall garden. I’m going to be honest I didn’t really know that that was such a thing. People actually plant things close to winter? I mean I thought you needed the summer weather. Oh what a joy to be wrong!!!!

Seriously who would have thought being wrong would be such a joy to hear?!?! The moment I heard about a fall garden I turned to my husband and told him that I wanted to have one! Now last year if you remember we moved into our house right at the end of July. With the previous owner neglecting the yard completely, we had to take a majority of the first few months to work on ripping out a lot of over growth. Half of the spaces that we use now were covered in brush. Thankfully we were able to clear out a lot of the space to have a spring garden. But obviously the time flew by and the garden didn’t happen. To which is honestly completely okay as I really needed to make sure I had any idea of what to plant.

This year I had been listening to so many different videos of what everyone liked to plant for the spring and summer. But I loved hearing everyone’s opinions. Some said Radishes were completely fine in the summer but the taste would be slightly different than when grown in the fall. So that is where my curious brain decided to plant some in the garden for the summer. Now I am able to compare how I like the radishes if its in the summer or fall. This has been the joy of the garden this year. I am learning so many different things. It will take me a while to find what works best but I truly cant wait to continue to learn. I know lots of items should be planted by now for the fall garden, so I am playing a little bit of a risky move, but we plan to plant seeds this weekend. It’s that feeling of I need to give myself a day to work hard but enjoy the work. A semi relaxing time for myself. I may just have to wake up early in the morning, grab some iced coffee and seeds, then head out to plant.

Once everything has been planted I will update on what we have officially planted but currently these are the goals!
Garlic (later in the year)
Onion (later in the year)
Brussel Sprouts
Swiss Chard

With this list we do have a wide variety of a lot of these items. We once again went with the colors of everything. I know that may not have been the best idea but we truly enjoy watching all the beauty. Plus if we are going to learn how to garden shouldn’t we try with some pretty colors? At least that sounds like a wonderful idea for myself!

Lots of these plants we plan to put into our garden beds to make it easier on ourselves. With the onions, garlic, and (not listed due to not positive we are planting) potatoes we plan to make a space in the garden where we will make mounds on top of the ground to plant them in. This also helps as next year we plan to expand the size of the garden. At that time I will be able to organize a better layout for the garden to be used efficiently. The mounds will essentially provide a possible temporary structure instead of moving garden beds.

This fall garden may not go too well but at least it is sparking so much joy. I truly cant wait to just get my hands back into the garden with planting. The feeling of seeing them pop up through the soil to show their green stems truly makes me smile. So another round of that this year???? Yeah I think we will have to plant the garden again! Oh and before I forget Rabbit poop directly on the garden bed has been the biggest help to our plants growing. I just plan to make something else for my kids garden. They like to eat straight out of the space! But for now I will leave you with my hopes of what to plant and soon I will update you on what was actually planted!!

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