Lizards are Falling!

This has been one of those issues that I truly wish I did not actually have to deal with! Let me give you a tad bit of insight, I hate reptiles. It is something that I have tried to change in my life a few times but I still do not like reptiles. I figured if I could just get over that fear then that would put me one step closer to not having any fears. My childhood brain really felt I could be completely without fear and I would be this mega tough woman. I know like I said childhood brain. Haha!

It all started at the end of March. I was working in my room trying to get cleaned up when I hear a noise in my chimney. I happen to look over right at the perfect time as I saw two lizards falling while being wrapped in each other’s arms. I know that sounds romantic but with my fear it was double trouble. Instantly I went running out of my room, covered the door and stood on my couch. Right away I called up my husband in panic and told him he needed to get home. Thankfully he was not too far from being done with work and he was able to come take care of the lizards. He sadly only found one while the other was able to climb up and out of our chimney. Instantly I had my husband put a cover over our chimney. These were pretty big lizards so surely whatever he could find would work.

Fast forward to last week. Monday was the day I decided that I would be a little lazy and stay in my pajamas. I always get up and instantly get myself ready for the day. I do not typically stay in my pajamas so it kinda made me chuckle that this one day of attempted relaxation ended funny. So while I was in the kitchen getting my kids some chocolate milk, my daughter said she heard something from the fireplace. I walked over and found nothing so I truly thought she just was hearing things. I ended up walking away and forgetting about everything. About 2 hours later I was trying to get myself dressed and ready for the day when my daughter comes running to me yelling “IT WAS A LIZARD” and I scooped up everything I was doing and went running. In the middle of my running I start rushing my kids out the door too. I turn back to see the lizard climbing up the front of my fireplace. Quickly I shut the door and went to my kids room to keep them away from the lizard. That’s where I had to quickly get myself dressed and slowly went back to my room to look for the lizard. As I was opening the door I just had to mentally tell myself that I was going to get an oven mitt and catch this lizard. I was convinced that I was going to build up that courage and do it. But once I opened the door, saw it was in the same place, I grabbed the oven mitt and then it all went downhill. I looked back at the fireplace to see that the lizard had moved to the very top and panic set in. Immediately I shut the door again and went back to my kids. Adrenaline was still rushing when I finally decided I had to go get my neighbor. He came over and couldn’t find it. Panic set in and I was sure he was just going to leave and the lizard would still be in my room. But this neighbor found him! The lizard fell into my flower vase and couldn’t get out! My neighbor managed to capture him and took him outside for my. The next day my husband changed the wire covering over the chimney with metal. Before you panic we do not use our chimney much especially in the summer. We are covering it until we can get a proper cover for it.

Now the new cover is on and I finally felt so comfortable that I didn’t have to worry about any more lizards. Boy was I wrong! Wednesday I was not feeling too well due to one of my medical conditions. I told the kids we were going to have a lazy day and mom needed to stay in bed. It was maybe 3 hours into relaxing when we all hear this noise once again come from the chimney. We all look at each other and instantly knew what that noise meant. Right away we went running out of the room and shut my bedroom door. Once again Jeremy was almost done with work so he came home and found it once again in the flower vase. A quick capture thankfully!

This has truly been such a crazy thing to deal with but its comical after the incident! I am hoping that the only reason the last one got in is because it was already in the chimney when my husband put the cover on top. I can not say for sure but that’s what I am telling myself so I can have a small sense of peace. But let me tell ya, I am ok if these lizards would stop getting in the house.

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