Let's Get You Up To Date!

Let's Get You Up To Date!

Well fam, it has been a while! Since we last updated you a lot has gone one. We took a trip to PA to visit Jeremys family! To which we had an absolute blast with everyone. The kids met some new people and truly loved being at Mimi and Pop-Pops playground. It was when we arrived home that everything started to go a tad down hill. 


We arrived home around 7 pm and immediately got all the animals into the house, the kids, and just the bare essentials into the house. After a long day of driving we were just ready to be in the house. But shortly after we got home, a storm started to make its way in. We watched as the homestead took a decent chunk of wind, hail and rain on but we managed to get away with just a small tree limb down. We also lost power to the house so we knew that we needed to attempt to order food out. Jeremy packed up the kids and took them out to do so. While he was gone another storm started to make its way towards our house. This was a massive dust colored storm that was producing crazy winds and rain. Immediately I called Jeremy and told him to not come home. He ended up taking the kids into CVS for shelter until he felt the storm passed enough. A home though I heard a massive snap and looked outside to see that a tree had fallen. The entire time this storm was happening I was keeping an eye out to see if I needed to take shelter with all of the dogs. Thankfully we did not but later I found out that my neighbor actually saw a funnel start, so a tornado was attempting to start. I also found out later that all of my older neighbors had taken shelter in their house and were preparing for this to get worse. Now I know for the next time what is not a good look to see! 


The damage ended up being a tree down on our camper and my dads truck. It ended up busting out the entire back window of my dads truck, dented in the tailgate, and some minor denting around the truck. The camper we thankfully managed to walk away with just a hole in the roof and some ac units that need replaced. In all honesty I have to say we walked out of this better than a lot of people. We had seen that some had trees fall on their house. But we are very thankful that the damage is all something that we can repair. 


The rest of the week we spent time cleaning up the trees, had a tree service come and help take the tree off the camper, bonfires, covering everything, working with insurance companies, and thankfully just being able to tackle all the repairs. By the following weekend, I (mandy) was able to take a much needed trip with one of my good friends that I haven’t seen in about 3 years. We took some time in Asheville and absolutely loved just having time to be two moms that could relax and just take care of ourselves for a few days. Once I got back from the trip we continued to clean up and do project around the homestead in preparation for the following weekend when Sky had her birthday party!!! 


Now this leads to the last week. Last week on Wednesday evening Bentley became sick and by Friday evening Skylar also joined in on that struggle bus. We have spent the last week at home trying all the home remedies to get them healthy. But by Monday Bentley said he had some ear pain and we headed to the doctors office. Bentley ended up diagnosed with a viral infection, ear infection and his nose was close to starting an infection too. Sky, thankfully was just sick and we just needed to continue with the treatments we were providing for her. Bentley ended up with antibiotics and after the first dose he started to perk up to his normal self. 


It is now Wednesday July 19th and we are finally getting both kids on the mend of being healthy and their normal selves. We have been lacking on quality sleep as parents but we are just taking it day by day as we would obviously much more prefer the kids to be healthy. They have been such troopers and we truly are thankful for their change in sickness. 


It has been an interesting month to say the least! 

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