Let Me Get This Out Of My Head

Let Me Get This Out Of My Head

It’s my night time routine. My go to when the day is done. It is the task that can mentally help you out even though you may not realize it. Journaling makes an impact without us even realizing it until later down the line. You look back and realize just how far you have come by simply adding journaling into the mix for your life. Let’s dive into it! 


Journaling was suggested to me when I was in a time of stress. I really struggled with a few different things like the pressure of others, feeling like I needed to fix everything, feeling overwhelmed by my work load and the standard every day stressors. I personally wasn’t noticing that stress was taking over like it was until I was recommended at giving it a try. I figured what could it hurt. Writing out your thoughts and just emptying your brain can’t be too crazy hard right? 


Now I will say I don’t even know if I am “doing it right” but I am doing my version of how this fits with my life. I go more so for the writing about my day and get out all of my thoughts. If something is really bugging me then I will also take the time during the day to write it out. For example: I feel stressed about how to handle getting xyz done. I will take the time to write out my stress and just “voice” it out. Then once I am done, either I go handle it or I walk away and deal with it at a better time. Both options are valid options but some times its better to not continue to stress about the topic and get away from it for a moment. 


For myself, I use journaling to manage my stress and emotions. I have been able to do this and pick up on reoccurring struggles. It has helped get to the root cause of a few things in life. So it has helped lower stress but also it has helped find more of what struggles I have been dealing with. Now that is what I personally deal with but what are the benefits in general?


Here is a list of benefits that Journaling provides: 


-Clears your mind of stress and worries

-Helps to be in the present moment

-Become aware of emotions and feelings

-Feel more calm throughout the day

-Get closure from certain situations

-Decisions become clearer

-Recognize what you truly desire

-Goal setting and tracking



As I was researching the benefits, I actually stumbled on a cool idea. The person called it Journaling Styles. So lets list those below as maybe one style fits you better than the rest!









I personally just pull out a notebook and pen and get to it. Its the classic style. Just a simple, let me write out what went on with my day style and that’s it. But everyone is different and this is definitely something you may want to try out a few different techniques. Im just the person that sticks to writing it out. 


When you get started with your journaling journey, you get to pick what time of day you would like to journal. Some people journal in the morning to start their mindset off in a positive direction. Some do it at night to work everything out of their mind. I personally prefer at night to get all the thoughts out but sometimes during the day is needed. It all depends on the situation. But maybe try out both and see which feels best to you. It won’t hurt to do journaling in the morning and at night. Who knows, maybe the morning you take the time to inspire yourself with positive affirmations and in the evening you have a vent session with yourself. Journaling it to be a tool that helps you, not stress you out even more. Just have fun with it!!!! 


Evenings are booked with Journaling and one other task, do you want to guess which one it is? 

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