Kitchen Reno

Kitchen Reno

You ever have one of those moments where you “wake up” and find yourself mid renovation project? Cause that is exactly what has been happening here at the Shenk household. Y’all, I really like to just cause myself struggles on timing! 


It started two weeks before surgery day. I had Jeremy put in some shelving into a cubby section that is in our kitchen. It was wasted space and I wanted to be able to actually use the space. So we put shelving in and the space beside it, I had planned to make into a coffee bar! But to do so, I needed some sort of cabinet to put as the base. Then above this we will have open shelving as well. Thankfully we thought things through before we started to buy the supplies. I ended up being able to take down one cabinet and reused this for the coffee bar. 


The cabinet we took down we had our plates, cups and mugs inside. The thought was to switch the cabinet for open shelving here too. Im essentially trying to tie in the accents so that it looks more cohesive. Then we will have all the plates, cups and mugs just on the shelves instead. But before we could do that, we had to repair the wall that was behind the space and fill in all of the holes. Once that was accomplished we moved to painting. 


Painting the walls took 2 days at most. My golly Jeremy was speedy! We painted the walls a darker shade of grey and so far this was the best decision. We may end up painting the rest of the house this color. But at the same time, I really do not want to tackle the dining room with all of our shelving in there. Any who, he finished the walls in 2 days and I took on the cabinets. The cabinets we painted black. Now the downside is the recommendation we were given about the cabinets paint, didn’t full work. It looks great but we already have chipping in the paint. So while we are paused in this task, we do plan to go back and fix all the chipped paint and then add some sort of protective paint cover. 


We have one cabinet beside and above the stove that we are debating just what we want to do with. It is currently looking like we will take them down and do some more open shelving for our spices but we are not fully set on that one yet. This though is the last big decision we have to make for this project.


At the current moment we are about halfway done with the kitchen renovation. We have to:

-finish painting one wall section

-put up two sets of shelving 

-cut, stain and put in place a counter top for the coffee bar

-set the cabinet for the coffee bar 

-protective layer to painted cabinets 

-finish pantry shelving 

-decide about cabinets above the stove

So not too much but at the same time just need to get a little time to work on this and we can have it finished fast! Poor Jeremy, I found some more projects for him and I am not sure he is too excited about it! Next up, the living room! 

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