June Project Progresse

It is the last day of June and what a perfect time to update you all on all of our projects. We surprisingly have managed to accomplish a lot so far this year but we seem to have a continuously growing project list. So lets dive in to update you all and then we will add our current project list. This is also going to serve as a tool for myself so that I can remember and return to keep myself on track!

Now this post will be only about our outdoor homestead list as we have not touched anything inside our house at all. To which that is completely fine by me! But the outdoors where all the animals are is exactly where most of our time is spent! Our original list was the following items:

New Chicken Coops

New Goat Fence

Make Raised Garden Beds

Order Seeds

Start Seeds

Make a new Drainage system for outside

We have successfully managed to get the Goat fence, raised garden beds, ordered seeds, and started seeds off of our project list. But as we were working on these we have managed to also make a goat shed for birthing, new rabbit houses, a dump truck of stone arranged, an outdoor kitchen arranged for now, and clean out. We honestly did so much more but I truly can not remember it all. I am so proud of all that we have been able to do so far but I know we both feel like we have a lot more to do!

Our ever growing project list has grown in the last few months and if you know Jeremy then you truly understand why. Haha. He is a project oriented person and he absolutely loves to have a project on hand. So the following is our current project list:

Chicken Coop
Make a new drainage system for outside
Make even more raised garden beds
Make three compost bins
Clean up around all of our wild berry bushes
Clean out the goat Fences
Break down pallets
Organize supplies
Cut up firewood
Burn some scraps
Build a pig fence

This list does have a lot of random little projects that will be able to get done so fast but a lot of the items will take some time. This weekend I am hoping to be able to get a lot of this checked off! I have so much motivation but this heat has been a big factor for myself. Main goal is to get the compost bins made as we have lots of chicken waste that we can work on composting and turning so it is ready for the winter! I am hoping to be able to cover the gardens in some fertilizer and leaves in hopes it will keep a lot of the nutrients into the soil. But I will update you soon on what we have been able to do and hopefully a lot of this project list will be crossed off!

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