It's The Bright Light!!!

It's The Bright Light!!!

In the journey to better my health we have stumbled upon a lot of different things that can assist my health. Today we are going to touch base on Red Light Therapy. I feel like this is something that I haven’t heard much about but the research really has me looking further into adding this into my health journey. So let’s dig into it!!!


To start, I had actually been looking into Red Light Therapy for a little while and saw the benefits but it wasn’t until I saw a social media post that it really got my attention. I am apart of some support groups for Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. There was a lady in the group that posted how she had hit the year mark from being episode free! First can we take a moment and scream and shout for this lady. I freaked out for her because thats rare in this life. But she freaking hit 1 year without an episode. That needs a celebration. So going to the comments is where I found out that she actually said she partakes in Red Light Therapy. She said she really felt an improvement when she added that into her medicinal approach. So that kinda set this over the edge of “we should try it” and we added it to the mix! We ended up adding it to the mix and have started with 10 minutes each round and will slowly add more time as we get used to it. We also start at a low dose or time frame and slowly build up the exposure. Now let’s get into the benefits of Red Light Therapy. 


I am going to list out the benefits of Red Light Therapy and then we can get into which benefits I am really aiming to add into my health. 


-Increase Energy

-Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

-Increased Collagen Production 

-Stimulates Hair Growth 

-Speeds Up Metabolism 

-Increase fat loss

-Increased Strength Gains

-Faster Recovery Post Workout

-Flawless Skin


-Reduces Psoriasis 

-Helps Dental Pain 

-Reverses Skin Damage 

-Reduces Inflammation 

-Improves Hormonal Health 

-Better Quality Sleep 

-Improves Liver Function 

-Better Circulation 


My goal for Red Light Therapy is the following: 


-Increased Energy

-Increased Collagen Production

-Reduces Inflammation

-Better Quality Sleep 


So a very small amount of what actual benefits happen but at the same time I won’t complain about all of the benefits. In my personal need, Reducing Inflammation is the biggest struggle. I believe that is one of the benefits the lady found when it was used due to cyclical vomiting. On top of that with Cyclical Vomiting, we really benefit from a good nights sleep. But as you can assume, it can be lacking when we wake up at 3 am to vomit. Those early morning episodes are where we loose the sleep. To which, I typically sleep to pass an episode but to wake up every 15 minutes to vomit, there is not much sleep actually going on. So keep the inflammation and sleep at good levels is probably the biggest bonus in my eyes. 


I also am looking at the energy realm as once again Cyclical Vomiting really does hit some fatigue moments. I can go from feeling normal to wanting to stay in bed 24/7. My mind says keep working but my body says go to sleep. To which I have said before, I have had times where I told Jeremy to just catch my face if he sees me dozing off. Any who, the other added bonus would be Collagen Production. I can use that collagen for joint support while we work like crazy in the garden. I plan to add collagen into my supplements but the Red Light will also add to the production of it in my body. 


Now I won’t complain at all if the other benefits hit too. I will gladly take some of them but they just aren’t in my top “doing Red Light Therapy for this” category. I am just trying different things to assist my body in healing and helping heal in a more holistic way. Red Light Therapy has been an easy add to the game and it gives me 10 solid minutes (will gradually grown that amount) to take the time to meditate. I do this in the morning before my kids wake up so the time is undisturbed and perfect for really getting into meditation! 


Can you guess what our next blog post is about to discuss? 

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