It's Good To Be Back

It's Good To Be Back

It has been about 1-2 weeks since I have been able to fully get back to the normal on our homestead. Y’all I have missed this!!! My goodness I truly missed being able to get up and kick butt on the homestead. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to have had the rest time and that I actually listened to my body with it but being back is amazing!!!! 


So I started with just a few things but it was a decent chunk so far!! First task was cleaning up the garden! To which that means cleaning up the greenhouse, trimming bushes, clearing out old plants, cleaning off the potting bench, propagating plants and piling up the scraps onto the bonfire. We were in a no burn ban when we started these projects so we didn’t get the chance to start the fire until a few days ago. Any who, then we moved to getting about half of the yard cleared of the leaf piles we made. To which we can only get so far with those because of the burn ban.


Well didn’t The Lord just hear our thoughts and he let the flood gates open. So once that dried out just a tad, we were able to start that bonfire. A massive amount of yard waste and we still have a side pile of leafs. Once we got that started we continued on the clean up of leaf duty but also added in chopping up some wood. We are set for what we need this year but we still have a lot left from when we took the tree down in June. 


While that was about 4 days or more worth of work for myself alone (also watching the munchkins at the same time), there is still a lot of work to be finished! I still want to finish the last bit of leafs, chop some wood, clean up the rabbit poop, clean up the chicken coops and another bonfire. That is just a list of items that I personally know I can do on my own. This doesn’t include all of the standard projects we need to accomplish on the homestead that will take two people to accomplish. I will also say that Jeremy does prefer to do projects a certain way, so in those cases, I become the side kick and will just assist when the time is needed. Now that list… that’s a long list! 


The goal is to get the tasks I can accomplish on my own, done within the next week or two. I would love to do so in the next week but I also do know this week will be a tad bit busy for our family. But we still will be aiming to get them done ASAP. So hopefully we will have another update soon for you all on the projects that we have accomplished! 

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