It's Getting Hot In Here

It's Getting Hot In Here

It’s gonna get hot in here and no, I don’t need to know anything else about that! Haha! Last week we talked about adding journaling into the nightly routine and we said how we also do one other thing. So we will obviously dive into that today! But this one, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I have really talked to anyone about this. Not sure I’ve been so vocal on it but at the same time the benefits are impressive. Now I sit back and think “why haven’t I been so vocal?” Well that changes today! 


We are diving into using a Sauna. For myself though I use a sauna bag at home. You can easily find it on Amazon this is very similar to the one that I personally use. Depending on your price range, it seems a little pricey but it is one of the least expensive ones available. You are more than welcome to look for a different one or maybe you’re a member somewhere that has a Sauna available in the membership. I mean you can even make an actual sauna at your house too! But essentially do what works best for you and do not financially stress yourself out trying to purchase one. The benefits are great but we don’t need to add stress to your mess! 


So what are the benefits of Saunas/ Sauna Bags? Let’s list them out!


-Heart Health 

-Muscle Recovery 

-Better Skin

-Improved Immunity

-Deeper Sleep 

-Hormone Regulation and Lean Muscle Preservation 

-Social Health

-Pain Relief 

-Increased Stress Resiliency 

-Promote Detoxification 

-Lower total Cholesterol Levels 



Now let’s also add in some tips when it comes to Sauna/ Sauna Bag use!


-Stay Hydrated

-Avoid Alcohol

-Cool down Slowly 

-Limit your time / Slowly improve your time 

-Monitor your health 

-Listen to your body

-Shower Afterwards 



I want to talk specifically about one of these tips because I personally messed up big time on this but thankfully only had one struggle moment!!! In my research, I had been seeing where 25 minutes is the recommended time to have a Sauna time. So in my head, I figured, ok let’s do it! I went straight for the 25 minutes and didn’t even think twice. First time it was fine, the second time I almost went into a Cyclical Vomiting Episode. Now heat is a trigger for myself but at the same time, I am outside all the time so I know how to work with that trigger. I just didn’t turn those skills over to the Sauna Bag. So to jump completely in and go straight for 25 minutes was probably not my best move. I ended up making the changes and started with 17 minutes and slowly have been growing the amount. I am currently at 20 minutes so not much of a change but with my health struggles, I have been giving myself extra time to process the sauna bag time. I recommend you do the same just to ease yourself into this. It may be something you have no issues with and the 25 minutes is perfect for you but to be safe, I recommend starting slow as well! Build up your bodies “tolerance.” 


For myself, I have added this into the mix for pain relief, promote detoxifications, Heart health and increased stress resiliency. The biggest goal is to work on the heart health. My family has a history of cholesterol issues so I have been working on naturals ways to lower that struggle. (I am also drinking Matcha Green Tea and using Ashwagandha to help the cholesterol too) Stress is also a big struggle for myself so if I can add a few different techniques to assist lowering such, I think that is best. I know I journal, meditate and now use the sauna bag but it truly is a big struggle in my life that I think a few routes to work on it is best. Lastly my pain relief!!!! Since removing my gallbladder, I have had less pain in my back, to which we are truly thinking a lot of my pain came from it, but I do still have some standard body aches. This is perfect to use to assist those pains after a crazy big work day outside. It has been a treat to use the sauna bag, shower and the be set for the rest of the night. A fun new relaxing evening routine!!! 


Whatever route you can, I highly recommend looking into having a sauna or sauna bag for yourself. Maybe that means going somewhere where you can get a membership, hey, it’s self care darling. But take that time to actually take care of yourself. I hope by the end of all of these blogs, you can take some inspiration to use for yourself and your health. But now let's go onto the last blog in the series!!! I’ve spoken about my evening routines, but what is the one thing I do in the morning? Next week we will dive into that one!

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