It's A Wrap!

It's A Wrap!

With that, that’s a wrap!!! Y’all thank you for coming with me on this Holistic Journey. I absolutely enjoyed being able to dive a little more into each topic. To go over all of the benefits and for some, we went over a cheaper route to make the dreams happen but without breaking the bank. 


Every Holistic journey is different and there are so many different options to add to your daily routine especially depending on your medical needs. Always remember to advocate for yourself if you need to see professional help. There are Holistic and Functional Medicine doctors out there that will help you figure out what you need to help your body. Do understand this journey may be a tad pricey as insurances do not cover these doctors typically. But you’re honestly spending your money wisely in my opinion. 


You can also take the time to research what you feel is a good addition to your daily life. That is how everything has come into my routine. It touched on one of my medical struggle points and after taking the time to research, that is when I have added it to my routine. When I say research though, I don’t mean asking others experience and only going off of that. Yes I did just make a ton of blog posts but also take the time to research on your own!!! 


Talk it out as well!!! If you have someone like Jeremy in your life then I truly recommend talking it out. I bounce my thoughts, show my research and explain my plans to him and he takes all of that information and gives back his opinion. He truly has helped balance me and my ways of thinking. Some of the ideas we have said is not a good fit. Others, we have said “its not a right now things, thats a big investment so we will wait on this one.” But as you can see, some we also felt were finically affordable, perfect fit in our lives, easy to set aside time to accomplish and things that would benefit my health journey. 


Lastly, take the time!!! These won’t be 1 week of work and then you see results. These are going to be months and months of consistent work to see the progress. Take the time to stick it out and go for at least 3 months before reassessing if its a good fit for your life. Not all of the Holistic routes will be but at least give it a little time. Thats part of the Holistic journey, get your mind right and don’t give up because there is an easier route with Pharmaceuticals. If you want the Holistic life, put the time and energy into it. 


With all of this said, I will put it out there, we do still eat out at times. We do still buy processed snacks, I still love some desserts. We are not fully on completely Holistic but we definitely have made a massive amount of changes and will continue to make those changes to strengthen our Holistic life. The desserts won’t be leaving though! Also I financially can not afford a Holistic or Functional Medicine doctor so we stick with the group of doctors that actually work well with me. Do what fits for you but when you do it, put the effort and time into and don’t give up easily on it!!! 


Not gonna lie, these blog posts were flowing out of me but now that this has come to an end, I may take a small break! I don’t know what to talk about?!?! Just kidding, Y’all need a garden update! But let me grab this coffee first and have a moment to watch the storm roll in and then I will be back with that update. See you soon!

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