Inside Projects Deserve Attention Too…..

Inside Projects Deserve Attention Too…..

Y’all I wrote the entire blog post for last week and completely forgot about the fact that I have a mess of inside projects that are in the works. Well in the works as of when I am writing this out! But possibly once this is actually posted, they may actually be accomplished. So let’s write out the projects and see later how much I actually did! 


To start, and I actually know I accomplished these two, I made some homemade chapstick and hand cream. I wanted to try out some recipes and kind of see if we like them and then try new ones if we didn’t like them. So these have actually been made, now to test them! 


Next we have been working on making our own reusable paper towels and reusable dish sponges. As I am writing this, I have all of the reusable paper towels cut and pinned. I just need to sew them all together. Out of 1 yard of fabric I have managed to get 16 reusable paper towels. With 1 yard of fabric, I have also gotten 126 reusable dish sponges. I have only cut out the flannel fabric so far but still need to cut out the Terri cloth, mesh and the stuffing. This will most likely take a day to measure, cut and assemble. Then another day to actually sew it all together. To which for this project, I do not mind that time line. I know 126 sponges sound ridiculous but my thought is for our homestead and for gifts. I want to have a stock on hand and not have to worry about restocking any time soon.


Then I went to the kitchen and mixed up 2 batches of Sourdough Discard Monster Cookies. With these we used Sunflower Butter instead of peanut butter. The goal is to get cookies in the freezer and on hand for easy desserts that we can pull out as needed. For example, if we have company coming over and I don’t have the time or energy to mix up and bake the cookies, I will have some on hand that I can just thaw out and bake! Another thing I have made but now need to wait to use, is homemade vanilla extract. This one I am also going to make a big batch for our personal need but also for gifts. I am essentially trying to do as many homemade Christmas gifts this year as possible. I know a few of my family could love more so usable gifts instead of more knick knacks. So my thought process is the homestead items I can make! 


I also pulled apart, spackled and painted our closet. Jeremy mounted two new shelves and two knew clothing bars. He also did have me stain the wood for the shelves. This project ended up taking maybe 2 days. A short and sweet project but one we needed to do at some point due to the wire shelving that was in the closet, was breaking apart. We did a clean out too for the closet as we were putting everything back. Now to just get everything out of the back of the car! My neighbor was a sweetheart and recommended a store to go to and donate the items but Im not gonna lie, I completely forgot the name. But I will be reaching out to him to get the name and then I will be making a stop to them for the donations. 


By the time I post this, I believe I will be about half way done with the reusable paper towels and reusable dish sponge. But truly not sure. Oh!!!! I almost forgot! I am also going to be making beeswax bowl covers! Now that, yeah I gotta wait to work on that one. I need to reach out to a local couple and see if I can pick up some beeswax! Any way, hopefully by the time this is posted I will be about half way done. I know I will be pulling some fun time at the sewing machine! Wish me luck! 

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