Homestead Updates!

Homestead Updates!

Another week here at the Shenked NC homestead and we have a few things going on around here! Lets start off with our projects! We have made a temporary fence for our males goats in some of our woods so they can help clear out some space. They have done an amazing job so far but I think we are about to move their spot in a few days. We just have one last section left that we want cleared but the first section, they did an amazing job and we will just have a little bit of work to do on our end. 


We have also started working on a greenhouse so that we can start some plants in there and try to prolong the growing season. One of the biggest things I try to grow is luffa and I always get to the point where they need some extra time to dry out and then the frost comes before I can actually get them to dry. So then I loose the entire possible harvest. I also tried once to dry them out in our house but that didn’t fully work out. I ended up loosing a lot that way too. So with a greenhouse, we are hoping to use it to prolong our growing season and hopefully I can get some luffas to grow to their dry out stages this year! 


A simple project that we have also been working on is chopping some wood! We have lots of wood to cut down and we have been slowly working on getting it all cut for next winter. Obviously we have lots of time until we need to use it but seeing as we do not usually get the chance to chop wood often, we are starting the project now! 


As for non- project type of things, we have added some more turkeys into the homestead. This week we received our order of turkeys! Our plan is to grow out some so we can use them for future breeding purposes. But for some we are just raising for meat birds. We have to wait to find out the sex of each bird and then we can decide how many we will keep for breeding and then what to use for meat. 


Lastly we do have a pair of our own turkeys that are currently laying eggs. The mom has been sitting on the eggs and we are praying that we can have those hatch successfully. Also we have momma duck once again sitting on eggs and she should have them hatch any day now! Im not fully sure how may eggs she is currently sitting on but I feel like its close to the last round. She had 15 last time. So I would think she is not far off from that number. 


Simple updates for you all on the Shenked Homestead but sometimes the simple things are the nicest things for us! 

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