Holiday Boundaries

I hear this every year and it truly has to be one of my favorite reminders. Do not forget your kids and your own boundaries this Christmas. It may not be something everyone understands but your kids are relying on you to help them this holiday season.

Schedules seem to easily fill but with all the get togethers and running but if you’re kids are not used to that then they truly may struggle this year. Don’t skip nap times just because you want to enjoy the time a little longer. That sweet baby needs the sleep to be able to enjoy the rest of the celebrations. Also sleep is wonderful to assist that they wont be too exhausted, and if your kids are like mine, it helps them to not injure themselves as much.

The biggest boundary for kids though is the good bye. Lots of family want that hug and kiss from the kids and your kids may not want to do so. Sometimes a kid doesn’t feel comfortable with kissing someone especially if they only see the person once a year. It truly can be such an awkward thing. I personally love to say to my kids “lets say good bye” at that point my child can do what they are comfortable with. That’s either a hug, kiss, wave, fist bump, or simple good bye. They do not have to do what they are not comfortable with. Why push your kids further when they just had a not so normal day.

Lastly, parents, this is your reminder too. You do not have to go to every get together. If you go you are more than welcome to leave whenever you want. Your health does not have to take a hit because you want to be around family. If you are not feeling well then you aren’t able to take care of the kids how you may want. Also you are allowed to just wave by to someone too. Not everyone needs your hug. It’s taken me way too long to realize all of this but this year we are really zoning in on keeping the kids comfortable and remembering that we don’t have to follow along with everyone else.

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