Guess who’s back, back again!

Guess who’s back, back again!

Well its been a few months since we put up a blog post. It has been such a crazy year for us personally and for the homestead. This will be a very quick recap of what’s going on as I plan to explain about everything in future blogs. 


Our year started off pretty well when in January we had a family emergency take place. One that took into February to recover from. Also one that if said person is willing and approving, I plan to explain as that was a major faith walk! But we were thankful that God got us through this time in our lives. 


Then in March we started taking steps to improve my health and lots of doctors appointments followed. With each appointment we started to realize that we needed to dive deeper into improving my health and we made the big jump in April. To start off April I went for surgery and for about two weeks after I was recovering from said surgery. It was a pretty easy surgery but I have actually been listening to the doctors restrictions. Which is very difficult for someone like myself that absolutely loves being able to help out with household projects. I have one week left of weight restrictions and then I will be back to normal homestead life. 


Lots of things have gone on here but I look forward to diving into it all a little more in the up coming blog posts. Hopefully you can join and enjoy hearing how the homestead and our lives have been going. We also have plans for more projects, the garden update, everyday life and more to discuss! 


Its good to be back! 

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