Good Morning Beautiful!

Good Morning Beautiful!

Mmmmm… Good morning. Let’s wake up and get ready for the day. 


Today I want to talk about our daily schedule. I have recently realized that I have been stressing out about every day tasks. There is a standard level of stress we all experience but I’ve been noticing that I have been stressed more than the normal levels. Now that I am working on bettering my health, stress is one of those components that I can not skip too. So join me with that cup of coffee as I explain the new routine that I am planning to put into place. 


Like I said, good morning. For each day we have set it up that there is a morning, afternoon and before bed time routine. I don’t plan to go into this just yet as I am still working this all out. But a simple explanation is that I wanted to make sure that each day I accomplished a few tasks like devotionals, taking supplements, eating breakfast, working out and different health boosting techniques. Each day these tasks are broken down into a morning, afternoon or before bed time routine. I have this set up so that we can still have time with friends in the evenings but also the routines can be done in a short enough time that we can still have our weekends available. At the current moment though, I am still working on ironing out if I like the current routine set up. The biggest thing I need to do is make a second routine and call it “down days.” This way I still have some sort of routine set up but for the days that I don’t feel so well. Almost giving myself some sense of normalcy even when I don’t feel well! Remember, mindset is key. If I can get that mindset to stay positive, even through simple routines, then I can have a strong mindset to fight the tough days. 


Now what I actually want to talk about is the household tasks. I was attempting to only give myself a limit of 5-10 tasks to finish in a day. The thought was if I wrote it down, then I had to finish the tasks. But soon this became a feeling of “I have to” and this induced some stress in the matter. Why did it? I still don’t know personally. But now that I can identify that feeling, I have been taking actions to not produce that feeling so much. So now we have a weekly schedule. 


I took the time to write down all of our big tasks that need to be done each week and broke those down to daily tasks. Once again I did my best to try and free up the evenings and the weekends. We absolutely love to spend time with friends but we do also have running to do in the evenings too. Let me also buffer that I am a person that doesn’t mind cleaning every day of the week. It usually goes better if I spend a little time each day working on cleaning instead of trying to finish it all in one day. Keeping being sick in mind with this, also helped make the decisions easier on how to break this down! 


Here is what we ended up scheduling for our cleaning each day: 


Monday: Laundry and Clean Kitchen 

Tuesday: Mopping floors and Clean Living Room 

Wednesday: Laundry and Clean Dining Room 

Thursday: Clean Bathrooms 

Friday: Laundry and Clean our Room

Saturday/Sunday: Restock Pantry / Fridge. 


This breaks down the big things but that doesn’t mean every day we skip other cleaning tasks. The kids have chores to do and one of those would be dishes and helping with the floor. I do step in on those tasks every now and then but a majority of the time we have the kids working on those tasks along with putting away their laundry and cleaning up their rooms. We also hand wash dishes whenever it is needed. 


Breaking this all down has so far been helping myself personally with accomplishing the goals I have set for myself. I am working to continue to educate myself with herbalism and taking time to write these blogs, so this has given myself time to do such tasks. I also take the time to research more to boost my health. But I have noticed with the blocked scheduling, I have been able to accomplish those task without so much stress. I have a little bit more of a structor to the day and that seems to help my brain register how I can accomplish all of the tasks without adding stress and possibly triggering myself too. 


I plan to write out another blog post and I will explain the daily routines I have started but I have to first figure out if I like my current set up and what does a “down day” routine look like. You may not need to break down your weeks like this but y’all know I try to explain new things we have figured out to assist my health. Thanks for the coffee break together. I needed that one! 

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