Garden Update:

Garden Update:

At the beginning of the season we talked a little bit about the garden and plans we have for the year. So this round I wanted to take it easy on the blog but to show y’all what all we actually did!!! Let’s dive in! 


Ok the photo with this blog is the layout that Jeremy made for our garden. We have a decent size space but this year with companion planting and really nailing down the system, Jeremy was able to really fit in a lot of plants compared to past years. Also with him starting seeds early, we have been able to harvest more now than we have been able to in the past. So the entire picture was his plans. He even shows on the side what each color stands for. 


Now look at the photo again. All of the black and writing he added in on top of the colored diagram is what we ended up with. He didn’t make too many changes but he did make sure to mark down what types of plants we planted in each spot! I think thats a big success though to be able to not have much change on you and actually have high success in transplanting.


In past years we did lots of direct sow and prayed for the best. To which is not a bad idea at all. If thats what you can do only, then do that! But for ourselves we found out that seed starting indoors is best for our family. We will have to figure out a new set up next year to get everything a little more cohesive in the house for seed starting but at the same time, he nailed it. 


Let me also add that Jeremy did like 95% of the seed starting and hardening off on his own. He took them all out to the greenhouse too when they were ready. He was the one watering as well. That was his baby and it was better if he just did it all on his own and then told me what he needed help with. To which ended up being building extra garden beds and topping current garden beds. That is exactly something I prefer to do! Let me do the work that I fully know how to do and not mess the system up. So he really did all of the plant side on his own. Well except planting. That was a tag team. 


Anywho, Jeremy really took over this year with the garden and I think so far the only thing we are noticing is next year we will most likely need to find a different watering system for the herbs. We also want to get some drip lines put into place next year. That was the goal this year too but we had a few other things pop up that needed our financials and time so we missed the timing on this one. To have only a few things though that need to change for next year, I feel like that was a big accomplishment! 


Now I won’t be surprised though if he tried to expand the garden again! You can all already assume that will be what ends up happening. So here’s to next years hard work! 

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