Fluffy Mohawks ❤️

Fluffy Mohawks ❤️

We have begun our venture into hatching our very own eggs! We plan to increase our own flocks for laying purposes and in the future raising our own heritage meat birds to convert to from purchased Cornish Cross chicks.

We plan to focus primarily on breeds that are rare, good layers and heavy meat producers. Our current breeds we are currently breeding: Silkies, ISA Brown Silkie cross (hopefully a layer that will continue laying through the colder months), Easter egger/Jersey giant cross (for egg color variety, chick sales and cockerels for meat).

Breeds we will begin producing early spring/summer 2021:

  • Barred Rock
  • Blue Laced Red Wydonette
  • Splash Silkie
  • Leghorn
  • Cream Legbar
  • Whiting True Blue
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Fawn/White Runner Ducks
  • Cayuga Ducks
  • Rouen Ducks
  • Black shoulder Peacocks
  • Royal Palm Turkeys
  • Bronze Heritage Turkeys
  • And various other "barnyard mixes" we plan to experiment with!

Will are selling hatching eggs, chicks and chicks currently and will be selling started pullets in the spring! Please Contact Us Here if you are in NC and are interested!

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