Dump and Shovel Some More

Dump and Shovel Some More

Ok, if you joined us last week we said we were just going to flow right into the next blog where we left off. So let’s do that! But to do so we need to pick up with Monday and do a small recap on Mandy’s health because it plays a part into the Dump and Shovel part! Let’s go!!!!


Monday started off really well but we needed to run a few errands. We managed to get to Tractor Supply when literally walking into the store I started an episode. Y’all I barely made it out of the store before I started feeling like I was going to vomit. We get back into the car and as we were heading to the next errand, I realized this wasn’t going away. So immediately I told Jeremy that we needed to head home. He literally switched the blinker and went the complete opposite direction and headed home. Not even 2 minutes later I had to figure out the best course of action when it came to vomiting. The only choice was out the window onto another car or in our car. Thankfully that wave passed and I didn’t actually need to pick either of those options! We made it home and I rushed to get into the bathroom. After a while, I managed to get the intense feeling of nausea under wraps and we were able to just get into bed and relax. Jeremy took the kids and ran the last few errands and that gave me ample time to just take care of myself for a little without having to worry about anything. Thankfully by the next morning I woke up feeling just fine! 


Tuesday we had planned to work outside for a majority of the day and we did just that. Jeremy took the time to rent a trailer so we could get compost. While he took the kids to pick up compost, I stayed back and did a lot of cleaning up around the house to get the piles under control. Y’all Im talking 5 loads of laundry needed to be put away, many loads of dishes, lots of hand wash dishes and cleaning up the randomly placed items. But we got it done while Jeremy did his trips for compost. Any who, he comes back and this trailer is filled with compost. He’s a smiling and says “I got 3 scoops in this sucker!!!!” I’m talking beaming ear to ear that he got so much with one trip. Usually he only get one scoop in his truck bed and if he rents a trailer then he only gets one in there also. So at most he gets two scoops at a time. But this round he did three.


Our game plan was to just unload it all onto tarps and at a later point we will get it back to our garden. We wanted to make sure that while we had the rental that we got as much as we could. So after 2 hours of work, we got all of the compost unloaded onto tarps. At this point we took a lunch break and then Jeremy ran for his next load of compost. This time he came back with 3 scoops in the trailer and 1 in his truck bed. Now this is where Mandy’s health comes into play. I usually struggle after 1-2 loads. My back is in so much pain. But I have found that apparently a lot of that back pain was actually my gallbladder having issues. I managed the 3 scoops with ease. I had to stop because I was becoming winded. How freaking awesome was that?!?!?!?! So going into the second round of unloading, I was a tad concerned that I was going to feel so much pain. Well I ended up keeping up with Jeremy and managed to help him unload the trailer with ease! We left the load in the truck bed as it is for our friends. But 6 scoops of compost later and I felt a normal sense of discomfort. The standard you would feel after busting butt! 


Now this project ended up taking us from noon till about 5:30 in the evening. Not a bad day of work at all. So we have everything on tarps. Let’s chat about that. We will be taking more time next week to clean the garden out of the cover crop and then we will start moving the compost in. We want to refill the beds that are already there but we also are building the kids a few space to have their own plants. This space will be bigger than what they had previously but its the space where they can pick whenever they want and they can eat from their garden any time they would like. We ran into the issue where the kids started eating the items we needed for dinners or preserving and then it kinda set us back a little. So now we just make a space for the kids to enjoy while we have the rest of the garden. Now the actual garden lay out, I will need to get that typed out into a different blog too. But back to the topic at hand. Next week will be a big clean up the garden and refill the compost. Also we will be working on up potting a lot of plants as well. Now Jeremy just said he needed to up pot so I sadly don’t know what exactly he needs to work on. I’ll keep you updated on that one! 


Y’all I hate to say it but I am pretty sure that this was just day one of Jeremy’s rental of a trailer and grabbing lots of compost. Staring at his garden plans, I am a little nervous with what he has in plans. We will be expanding so much. I kid you not, it feels like we are doubling our space. We just made a few more connections and I hate to say it but we may be doing a lot more than we originally planned too. So stay tuned, we have two connections - one with flowers and one with produce - that I am curious what will happen. In time we will speak on this one but at the moment, it’s still in the talking phase so we shall wait and see what happens!!!

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