Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing

Oh boy it has truly been a ridiculously crazy time of year. We have taken the step to start homeschooling with both kids! My son attempted to do preschool last year but it sadly did not take too well. So here we are with the start of Kindergarten for him and 5th grade for my daughter. We will definitely need to bring in some more coffee for this year. 


The reason we love to homeschool is so we can actually teach school exactly how the kids need to be taught. Its nice to be able to be more hands on with the kids schooling but also its nice to actually know what my child is learning. But this year will be a challenge. My son has already shown signs that he will have a hard time focusing on school. But yet again that is the perk of homeschooling. He doesn’t have to just suck it up and do school. He can do less work and even take breaks when he feels he needs it. Or better yet, when mom thinks he needs the break. 


New to our school year though is teaching my kids some cooking! My daughter has taken over lunches and my son is doing breakfast. They both have to plan out a meal for each day and then make their grocery list. We then go to the grocery store and they have to have their list while shopping. While we are pulling items for dinner, they are pulling items for their assigned meals! My daughter decided to make cheesy cheesy Mac and cheesy, cheesy potatoes, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets with tatter tots and lastly homemade pizza pockets. Bentley has decided for breakfast to make instant oatmeal, frozen pancakes, frozen waffles, eggs, and breakfast sausage. 


We have also decided that the kids are going to start taking on some more home tasks. For example doing their laundry, helping more with the animals outside, and dishes. As I tell my kids, I want to make sure that I have raised my kids to know how to take care of themselves. I want them to know how to clean up after themselves and how to provide a meal for themselves. I don’t want to have my kids out on their own and struggle because they don’t know how to do a load of laundry and so on. With homeschooling we have the ability to teach our kids how to handle every day tasks while also teaching them standard school curriculum. Sky actually really does well with math and lately she has shown how well she can easily give change for money transactions. 


My absolute favorite part though is to watch my kids blossom. How amazing is it to see that your kids truly love learning one topic but also to see that they retain that information too. We have the ability to just watch our kids understand and put these teaching into action. 


This year is still very fresh as we only started the first week of August. So I plan to double back and give an update on curriculum and explain just what exactly we are doing with the curriculum. We will go in-depth on how the kids are responding and update on how we are tackling two different learning types. I know already that I am excited but slightly nervous for this take of two different styles of learning. But I know we can do this and I have a wonderful husband behind me ready to help wherever he can! 

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