Chronic Illness - part 3

Chronic Illness - part 3

Here we go! Part 3 on our chronic illness chronicles! We are talking all things future plans. Sadly this current plan, the one I am about to explain, may not be the lasting plan and will most likely change in about a year or so. It is sadly an ever changing thing on how to take care and fight Cyclical vomiting. But this blog is going to explain just how we are going to fight at the current moment. 



The first thing we will be adding into our mix will be to start IV fluids. There are locations that you can pay to have an IV fluid administered with different vitamins or medicine added into the fluid. The goal with this is to replenish my bodies vitamins and more so do a maintenance for the body. Now sometimes it may be something we try to use instead of going to the hospital. But the biggest goal is to only need this to maintain the bodies needs and keep my body healthier than it may currently be. 


Next will be taking a deep dive into gut health research. I plan to research just what I can do to maintain my gut through food and herbal remedies. Currently I am doing some herbal courses to learn a more homeopathic approach to our families every day health and remedies but I want to finish this before more research. Some of this course will actually help with my plans to improve my health but I want to take a deep dive into focusing on my gut. 


The biggest change I am going to make is my eating. Ok so we just changed our eating habits but this one is going to be for traveling too. I visit my family a lot but on those trips, I eat whatever is provided. Now that’s completely fine but my body struggles when I do not eat like we normally do at home. I personally need to continue how I eat to ensure I do not give my body another footstep on how to trigger an episode. This will be a massive struggle for right before the trips but I would rather take the time to do so instead of having to recover from the food once I am home. 


At the current moment, this is the simplest plan we have but this is some improvement so far. There won’t be a magical pill to completely cure Cyclical Vomiting but my goal is improvement on life. I just want to be able to function decently normal and to be able to enjoy the life that I have. Thanks for joining the Chronic Illness Chronicles, I am hoping we don’t have to add too much more except for the standard updates! Hopefully we can get this to a point of a little more comfort! 

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