Chronic Illness - part 1

Chronic Illness - part 1

What is up my family???? Yes you may not be family by blood standard but y’all have joined our families journey so you are now part of our family. So, what is up my family? I have been stating for a little bit now that I was going to take the time to blog out my health. Oh, by the way, this is Mandy. Haha! Anywho, we talked, I stated that I would blog out how my health is going and what goes on with this. But at the current moment I am on day 15 of an episode, probably the best day so far, but I am still lacking on my energy and feeling good. I have been feeling drained still and one of the biggest things is that I only have spurts of energy. This is sadly only at most an hour at a time and some days it is only 1 hour a day that I have the energy. Now I do push my body at times but only so much. This being said I am going to do what I can to blog but we are going to break it up into three blog posts so I can blog when I have the energy to do so! But there’s a little energy left in the tank so let us get started!


Cyclical Vomiting honestly is easy to explain but its the triggers that are a crazy long description. So with this blog post, we are going to just go over what cyclical vomiting is. Cyclical vomiting is thought of like a migraine headache that is in your stomach. So you have the option of 3 types of episodes. One where you have lots of stomach pain, one where you are vomiting non-stop, or my least favorite episode, the one where you have both, pain and vomiting. 


You can treat cyclical vomiting with nausea meds and pain meds at home. But that doesn’t mean that you will never start an episode. It is just keeping the episodes at bay. You can manage a decent chunk at home but some times even with that it isn’t enough and you need to make a trip to the ER. Once at the ER, you need to receive fluids and IV medicines. 


The biggest struggle with cyclical vomiting is finding a doctor or even the ER team that will help and listen. Doctors usually try to throw a band aid over the situation instead of getting to the base of the problem. ER doctors and nurses like to flag you as drug seeking if you go often. Sadly there is also another diagnosis similar to Cyclical vomiting that also takes a toll on people with Cyclical vomiting. The medical field doesn’t have much information on cyclical vomiting so currently we may also be looked at as if it is all in our head. 


Personally I have experienced a lot of struggles with doctors in the ER especially when I was pregnant. I had a doctor refuse to treat me with the medicine I requested because they felt I was seeking drugs. But they called my OBGYN and found out very fast that the OBGYN was on my side and told them to give me the medicine that I requested. But I’ve also had doctors that came in and said “I see you’ve been here a time or two, what works best for you?” Then they give the requested medicines and bam I am out of the ER about 2 hours later. Simple but that’s what I needed and just needed to go on my way! 


Currently I am thankful to say that I have both a GI doctor and PCP behind me that have been nothing but helpful on how to manage. We have come to the conclusion though that I have done all that I can / I am doing all that my GI doctor would recommend. So with this we have some plans for the future and how to manage! 


So this little blog series is broken up into 3 parts (at least for now) and the next two will be explaining how my episodes look and the future plans for my health! We will be back next to explain how the episode go for myself. Now let me buffer, this is all being explained from my personal perspective, there is many people that have slight variation compared to myself. Butt I can only speak for myself on all of this!!! 


I’ll blog at y’all soon! 

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