I had to buy chairs this year. I had to buy chairs because my chairs were full. Each chair was full with a friend but soon we didn’t have enough chairs. So we had to buy more.

Well it’s just chairs, so what? Chairs are just chairs but chairs are filled with people. All shapes and sizes but they are filled. They are filled with a person that we have continued to love.

The friends that turn family. The neighbors that become family. The tiny kids that become family. The seats re filled with family that are so easy to love.

So many chairs weren’t always there until recent. Yet we never realized we needed chairs until this year. Because finally we saw God say “buy more chairs.” He spoke in a strange way to say seats are needed because I m working in your life. How many people would say “Hey, God told me to buy chairs.” Yet here we are with more chairs because we are fellowshipping with others. We are loving others. We are stewarding with others. We are doing life with others. God is doing work in our life in the most uncommon way. Yet this is probably the best way possible.

We bought chairs this year and I’m curious to see where this takes us next.

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