Can I Get That IV?

Can I Get That IV?

Wooo we are finally here! I have been working to get this blog post made and it sadly has just now made its way into the mix. But we are here and we are going to get to it!!! Let’s talk IV!!! 


We are going to start with explaining what the IV’s are needed for! Usually I get to the point with a Cyclical Vomiting episode where I just need some fluids and nausea meds to help boot the episode out of my system. Sadly this means going to the ER but with the need to go to the ER it typically means that I have been vomiting every 10 minutes, have been vomiting for days, and am struggling to function due to dehydration. To put this in perspective, I have not gone to the ER for fluids since I was pregnant with my youngest kid. I have had many episodes that have been close calls for the ER and probably should have gone but I stayed home. Not the best move but it was needed. 


Back in August we made the trip to see a GI doctor and this is where we were recommended to start adding IV hydration into my health. To which in reality my dentist told me about this idea before I went to my GI. So two medical professionals recommended this route and both of them explained the same feelings. It cost less than an ER trip, less time, you can get what you want, and an over all wonderful experience. Now the only small downside is that this is all out of pocket, but let’s be real here, I would gladly pay out of pocket for this time than have insurance cover an ER trip. 


So with some research by Jeremy, he found a few locations but a lot of them were a decent distance away from our house. To which, I don’t mind driving but I know when I don’t feel good, I absolutely do not want to deal with driving or riding in a car. That feeling is one of the worst feelings for myself personally so a shorter trip is much needed. So when we found a location in Winston-Salem we definitely knew this was a spot to try!! 


IV Smiles Hydration was the spot for me. I have never been to this location, never received an IV outside of the hospital or home nurses, and truly never heard about them at all! So going into this blind but the biggest thing for myself is always the atmosphere and their sticking skills. Y’all, if the stick of the IV is massively painful then it is not the best group to stick with. These ladies kicked butt and gave the easiest IV that I have had. I went to get some vitamins with their Meyers Cocktail and walked out feeling energized and truly rejuvenated for this episode. I just felt like I could fight a little longer and not like I was about ready to collapse and be down for the count. Then the following week I went back because we were about to go on a trip but I tried their Migraine Cocktail. This is meant for actual migraines but cyclical vomiting is a migraine of the stomach so my hope is that this mix would work. It also has some Zofran in the mix so either way, I was going to receive the nausea meds that I needed every time I went to the hospital. So this mix actually once again actually helped and I walked out feeling the level of nausea lower than when I went in! So I truly felt the mixes were helpful to my health! 


The atmosphere though was another big thing. I spent. The entire hour there just talking with the ladies that were in the room! Some customers and some workers. The first trip I had the honor talking to the owner. Y’all I felt at home. It was so nice to take time to help your health but also to chat away and get a little mental break! I felt so welcomed and like I haven’t seen my best friends in way too long. If you can get that atmosphere in a medical space, then excuse me but you’re stuck with me for life. Im gonna need to visit you often! I am totally the person that attaches themselves to a group once I get the good vibes and feel like they actually care. To which they definitely did! 


So with this, I went into IV Smiles Hydration, chatted about what I was hoping to get done with the IV fluids and then proceeded to get started. Then from there we just relaxed and let the fluids take the wheel. Simple time but smooth too! 


I highly recommend going to IV Smiles Hydration if you are looking to add in hydration to your health! Sometimes a lot of our medical struggles are due to the fact that we are dehydrated and don’t truly realize it. But also you’re going to enjoy the group that is behind this business. They truly care about how you are feeling and they want to do what they can to assist your health. IV Smiles Hydration is willing to help you figure out what type of hydration would benefit you but I recommend giving them a try for either your medical hydration needs or even to just get yourself hydrated in general! Check them out! I know they are on Instagram but they are in Winston-Salem NC and you gotta try them out! 

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