Beginning of August Update

This past month has truly been a blur. We have been going nonstop with life but also the homestead. A lot of things have changed and things in the garden have finally started to pop up! It’s been that crazy that I am just now getting the chance to blog for the first time in about 4 or so weeks. Yikes!

To start off lets talk goats! We have been under the impression that our one goat has been pregnant since February. Sadly she was not and now we have put the goats together again in hopes of having some babies come February. Now the funny part is that we have two males. One is named Cookie and the other is Jethro. We had only placed Cookie in with the girls in hopes that he would father all the babies. Well Jethro wasn’t happy that he didn’t get to hang out with the girls. He figured out how to jump over his fence, into our secondary fence, onto our feed bins and into the girls fence. So we figured we would put him in the birthing shed. He figured out how to squeeze through the small opening we have beside the door and got out. He got back into the fence with the girls. Now we are praying that he wont try this again once the boys are separated from the girls.

To also go with the escaping theme, we now have free range ducks. I would say at least a good 10 of them are running around our yard free. This was another one of those where they were just not a fan of one of the male ducks in our fence. So they managed to squeeze out of the fence but always kept close to the fence. They have actually managed to do insect control and have helped keep the yard nice! It truly kinda made us laugh but they also stole our kids kiddy pool. That is now a duck pool. The kids will get a nicer one then.

Chicken House!!!!!! Jeremy has finally gotten the chicken house to the point where he can house chickens. He still wants to split it up to have different types of chickens in their own sections but the time being he can have some of chickens run free in a bigger section. This also has helped us spread out the growing chickens so they will be able to run with a little more room. We plan to start up the incubators in October but currently we have paused hatching eggs until we can have some more space for them!

Lastly, I know this is a short blog but we’ve been busy helping others and taking care of our homestead. Also I, Mandy, have been working like crazy on homeschooling and candle work. Lots of finishing up the planning and then creating for both. Any way the last update is our garden! We have finally started to see lots of hot peppers popping up. Also tomatoes are finally starting to pop up. Finally one of them started to ripen up and we had the first tomato sandwich from the new garden! It was so darn delicious! I highly recommend Snowball tomato from Bakers Creek Seeds. It was such a nice sweet tone without the crazy acidic level that tomatoes can bring. Hopefully we can go into crazy depth again soon on our post. But to be completely honest I am tired today and the words are just not coming to my brain. Haha!

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