August Update!

August Update!

Oh fam, what a summer it has been so far! A short one for ya today to keep you updated. It has been a bit on the crazy side lately so the blogging time is not so easy to do. I obviously enjoy taking the time to share with you all what’s going on but my goodness its been taking a little more to actually have a moment to do such “work.” 


This years garden we highly focused on tomato growth! Jeremy took over the garden planting this year due to my health taking a solid struggle during the beginning of the year. So thankfully he was able to take over and use the format of our planning and implemented them for when he did planting. Jeremy planted about 150 tomato plants this year. Y’all….. we have tomatoes out of our ear!!!! We are absolutely loving this issue! Our plan was to restock all the canned items that we use with tomatoes. So what we have canned so far has been pasta sauce, ketchup and salsa. The one thing we haven’t tried yet is to make marinara sauce. I am planning to look at some more recipes to make sure that I am not missing anything that we use but so far we have at least one round of marinara sauce, pasta sauce, salsa and ketchup left to make. After that then we will be open to whatever extra recipes we find. 


We have also harvested a few different hot peppers, green peppers, elderberry, green beans, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini and potatoes. This year we have taken on eating from the garden more and not so much canning. Yet obviously we have done more canning with the tomato based products. Everything else we have been trying to make it a goal to just eat from the garden more. 


Our last duck mom finally hatched her babies!!!! She started out with 16 and sadly it looks like she is struggling to keep them away from predators and she is now down to 10 little ducks. The other two moms have their “teenagers” and they have all been doing so well free ranging. Soon we will capture them all and put them into the fenced in space we have. 


We are still waiting for the weather and time to work with us so we can get the repairs for the camper and my fathers truck done. With the kids having been sick, then Jeremy, then the garden going crazy and finally just catching up, we haven’t been able to do much when it comes to projects. But I think we will be working on trying to juggle it all as it is soon time to start school again for the kids! 


So goals for the next month: start homeschooling, harvest/preserve the garden, fix the camper, fix my dads truck, clean up the homestead, start some fall garden items and continue to grow our business’s. 


That’s all from us today but we will hopefully be back to consistently blogging again soon! 

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