Another Doctor Visit...

Another Doctor Visit...

Recently we made a trip to the Endocrinologist because I, Mandy, have been dealing with blood sugar drops. Randomly they would happen and I could even eat an entire meal and still struggle. She ran a lot of tests to find out what may be going on and we have the results back. Now this is written before I have had a phone call with the doctor but I have received a message from the doctor already. 


We started with looking at my thyroid for pre-hyperthyroidism, adrenal glands, kept a log for when I felt cyclical vomiting symptoms to correlate with blood sugar levels, possible calorie deficiency and cortisol levels. Sadly, but at the same time, not sadly, all the results came back in normal range. She ran more tests than I could have imagined with my blood work and also had a glucose monitor on for 2 week. With these two things, everything looks good. 


To which I am thankful that I do not have another medical struggle to work with in life but at the same time I am wondering what is going on. So at the current moment we are waiting to chat with the doctor. I believe I do have a calorie deficiency and would like to chat a little more about that current struggle. She brought this topic up as it is a struggle to eat during episodes but at the same time it is a struggle to eat out of episodes too. So we are noticing this is a major possibility of medical struggles. This could explain the blood sugar drops at random times. We don’t have confirmation on this but after calculating a crazy day of eating, I am still under the calorie count you aim for. 


So going on my own knowledge and thinking, our goal is to up the calories that I eat each day. To which we are going to have to get creative on this front. I have ideas but let’s be real, the day of, may actually pan out that I struggle to eat. On top of this, I am planning to add different items into my daily routine to work on my over all health. Essentially an over haul and going to be working on actually taking care of my entire health. Not just the cyclical vomiting front. I know I made a previous post about this so Im not trying to go crazy and rehash those details. 


A small update but a good update! Just a little more to add to our daily routine but I don’t mind one bit!!!



Edited to add: We have officially had our follow up with the Endo doctor and she agree’s the biggest issue and what can explain everything would be calorie deficiency. I will be working on focusing on Macros with meals and working to up my calorie intake. I have been struggling to eat so we are working on making meals fun and for example, lunches, maybe try mindless eating while watching tv. To which, yes I know I have some weight on my body but if you don’t eat regularly, your body starts storing the food because it doesn’t know when the next meal will appear. Hence where the weight is coming from aside from having kids. Any who, if I can get my body back on track with eating then I can actually work on healing my body even more! Slowly we will get there!

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