All Our Babies

All Our Babies

I want to start this blog post off with a trigger warning. The topic on my mind today may cause some emotions in others. I am at a point in my life where I feel peace with talking about this all so I personally would like to speak about it. But where I am at does not mean everyone else is and I refuse to cause any issues for someone without warning!

If you are new to our family then let me catch you up with a small about us to fully understand my thinking! We are so blessed to have 3 beautiful kids. We were crazy to think that my medical condition wouldn't show its face in my pregnancies that we decided to try! With my oldest child, I was sick all the time but kept hearing how not all pregnancies are the same. So of course I thought let's try again! Now what a lot of people don't know is that we actually tried to get pregnant for at least a year if not longer. Finally we got pregnant again with twins. Sadly I lost one of the twins to vanishing twin syndrome. To this day I still don't know what that means fully because thats one thing I just refuse to look into. So please don't tell me about it! haha

Fast forward to this year. We have two beautiful healthy children on earth and one beautiful child in heaven. But Jeremy and I are still young in age. So the following question gets asked so so many times. " Are you having any more kids?" At one point in time I would seriously have cried on this topic. This beautiful process of carrying a baby and birthing this baby is just something I would honestly do a few more times. My body though just can not handle it anymore. Both kids my body tried to give out on during the birthing process. Now while this is such a hard topic, please don't ever feel like you have offended me by asking. I just answer truthfully but I am not one that finds it rude. Seriously Im in my 20's so I kind of expect to be asked randomly.

The other day though I heard this question and I truly just smiled. "Are you having any more kids?" I smile because just a few days earlier we started to plan when our next chick hatch day was. It ironically was just a few days after this question. I had this moment of a chuckle and said "No, I have plenty of kids on the homestead." You see my body can not have more kids but that doesn't mean the Lord said I was done taking care of kids. My kids are just not human. I know, where am I going with this? Right?

The Lord has decided to provide us with a homestead and many animals for that homestead. I so look forward to having baby goats at some point but for now we are blessed with baby chicks. I get to see the gift of life from God by simply checking eggs as they are in the incubator. You shine that light against an egg and can instantly see veins around 9 days in. But the pure joy is when you see the tiny baby chick floating around inside that egg. You can literally see a pulsating vein connected to the egg and you can see the life being given to this baby. Our chickens produce about 2 dozen fertile eggs every day. Some days more, some days less. So for one week we have 14 dozen chances at life being produced. We literally have 168 chances at producing life. But its only through God that we are able to do this.

We tried for multiple houses but this house was the one that God provided for us. He showed us which house was going to work best for his works. He literally took away the other two houses we wanted so we could go in his direction. We would definitely not be anywhere close to the size of a homestead that we are now if we were provided with any of the other houses. Isn't that the beauty of the Lord?!?!?! If you trust the Lord, the Lord will provide for you in ways you didn't think.

I may not be able to provide life in the form of human kids anymore but yet through the Lord, we are able to provide life in the form of animals. These animals give pure joy to our family. We continue to just be in awe of all that we have received. These forms of life continue to bless many people and thats our dream. I may have wished for 5 kids at one point in life but honestly I am a mother to many.

I pray that you all have a blessed day today and that you can have a moment of just pure thankfulness of what the Lord has given you!

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